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Get 10 Times Better Results From Your Google Adwords Campaigns With Proven Strategies that Have Generated Millions of Dollars in Revenue for Our Clients

Whether you’re new to Google Adwords or haven’t generated profits despite your best efforts, we can help you grow your business faster using strategies which have resulted in millions of dollars in sales for our clients.
Think Big Online is among 28 privileged Premier Google Partner agencies in the Asia Pacific region. This privilege is awarded to well-established digital marketing agencies with a track-record of consistently delivering successful outcomes for their clients.
While this may sound impressive, we’ve had clients who have been generating six and seven figure sales, several years before we achieved the Premier Google Partner status.

What Does it Mean for a Digital Marketing Agency to be Awarded the Premier Google Partner Badge?

The recipient of a Premier Google Partner Badge has earned the right to be considered an entity that can be trusted by clients for managing Google Adwords campaigns which generate consistent results.
A Premier Google Partner status instills confidence among clients that their Digital Marketing Agency have the expertise to create consistently profitable campaigns, and will always have up-to-date knowledge about the Google Adwords product.

How Does a Digital Marketing Agency Qualify to become a Premium Google Partner?

Premium Google Partner status is awarded based on performance criteria which include generating consistent results for clients, ad revenue generated and an increase in the customer base.
The program is open mainly for Adwords Certified Digital Marketing Agencies, Advertising Agencies and individuals who manage Adwords accounts.
It is also mandatory to complete one primary and five advanced exams in the following areas:

How Does Choosing a Premium Google Partner Help Your Ads Perform Better?

Here are some reasons why choosing a Premium Google Partner to manage your Adwords Campaigns can improve your results:
– Provides access to certified experts who know how to get you results
– You get priority support in case there’s a problem with your Adwords account
– Access to Beta testing which gives you a leg up on the competition
– Availability of dynamic campaign data…helps you stay on top of campaigns and make changes quickly to avoid wasting money

– Up-to-date training and updates available ensure best practices are being followed

Our Team of Certified Experts

Think Big Online has a team of 5 fully certified experts who work tirelessly on profitable Google Adwords campaigns. Some of our clients acquired more leads than they could handle with our help and others have generated six figure sales within four to eight months.
We also have access to dedicated Account Managers at Google who can help in resolving any issues straightaway and also make suggestions on improving ad performance.
At Think Big Online, we believe in full-transparency and provide regular updates and Adwords campaign performance reports on a regular basis, giving you the confidence that your account is in safe hands.