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3 Best writing tips that will help your facebook ads convert

Despite all the updates and issues in the past few months on Facebook, one of the most popular and controversial social media platform of the year 2018, it is still pretty clear that people still love using this channel like how they did since day 1 of their registrations.

In fact, according to Statista 2018, there are still over 4.4 million Australian Facebook users who are actively online and scrolling on a daily basis and this statistics is still growing each day which means that there is still a big opportunity for marketers and business owners to get the most out of their Facebook adverts.

Yes, you definitely read it right! Facebook is still one of the best advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses and here are some reasons why:

  • Custom Audiences – allows you to target existing users who have visited your site, click your link, abandoned your cart, and more which makes it easier for you to include and exclude the kind of audience where you spend your money on.
  • Location – allows you to target audience by a specific location. You can wisely use this in case you want to test where your niche is popular, or when you just want to expand your business with the use of Facebook advertising.
  • Gender – allows you to target by gender.
  • Interest – allows you to target Facebook users who are interested in what you offer (such as makeup, skincare, fashion, and more.)
  • Behavior – allows you to target Facebook user with their pattern of behavior (active online shoppers, credit card users, and more.)

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These are just the basic features that will help you rethink and make a decision on how your advertising activities should be. There are still some unmentioned reasons for why Facebook Advertising is best for your business.

So let’s be real! Even the most basic features of this advertising platform can help you achieve your goal. That’s why small business owners and marketers are using it all over the world.

And in today’s article, we will help you focus on the 3 Best Writing Tips That Will Help Your Facebook Ads Convert.

Be straight to the point

Clear, concise, and consistent ad copies are the keys to success. If you keep on feeding your audience with too much information your ad will not convert. Just give them an overview of what your ad is about and let them want more info from it. You cannot expect your audience to read a 500 words copy and click your link for more details because you have already given it. Excite your audience through 160-350 characters of ad copy and let them do the action.

Intrigue and connect your ad copy with your visual

Your target audience may see 3-15 ads daily depending on the number of times they refresh and check their feeds. This is why your visuals should quickly capture their attention.

In fact, according to consumer acquisitions, images are 75%- 90% percent responsible for your ads performance because they are the initial “attention grabbers” for your ad to stand out. This is why business should focus on high-quality image and a straight to the point copy. Give them something to react and click afterward.

One standout image, short but convincing ad copy, and one call-to-action.

State the benefits of what you offer

Give them something to ‘love’ and ‘wow’ about. If you created a promo that’s unique and stands out from the rest of your competitors. State it. State it clearly and enumerate it. These type of ads will make your target audience click “see more” and once they do, they should be able to see where to get your offer. Direct them to the specific promo link and give them a user-friendly purchase experience. Doing this will ensure that you won’t experience abandoned carts and tabs closed.  Doing this will ensure that you will get your goals and make your ads convert.

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