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Are Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Generating Poor Results?

If your social media marketing campaigns are generating mediocre results and you’re finding it harder to keep up with the constant rule changes of social media channels, you’re not alone. Business owners frustrated with results either throw more money into ad campaigns hoping their fortunes will turn around…or simply give up and invest their marketing dollars elsewhere.
The truth is…
Social Media Marketing can meet your ROI targets if implemented correctly.
Here are some case studies which demonstrate how you can set up your social media campaigns to generate extraordinary results:

Social Media Case Study #1

When we begun working with this medium sized retailer (around 85 physical stores) they had over 24,000 fans but only had .02% engagement with their audience! That is low!
After consulting with this client about their strategy we took into consideration their brand essence, audience, and their business goals to create a winning strategy.
After we implemented this strategy the client saw their fan ‘likes’ increase to 31,000 and their engagement went up dramatically in just 2 weeks!
From this customised strategy their business grew into a known brand in various shopping centres all over Australia. All due to shifting their business from inbound marketing to embracing the power of social media. The business grows stronger everyday through several social media platforms which are all relevant to the specific target market and effortlessly attractive more business each day!
Using these platforms we also increased traffic to their website, and their sales by 21% in just one month!

Social Media Case Study #2

This Sydney based photographer was struggling to connect with his fans on social media. His fan base was slowly growing with family and friends yet this was not enough to start promoting his business.
After examining his Facebook we came up with a personalised strategy that would not only increase his ‘likes’ but more importantly increase his engagement and social credibility.
This clients business is highly visual, therefore his best options were to continue with Facebook while also having accounts with Pinterest and Google +. Combining this with a Facebook ads campaign, the client started to receive new leads and sales every week!
In less than four months the client watched his Facebook fan page grow steadily from 900 fans to over 1,800! His Leads increased by 50% and we saw his content become, on average 250% more viral.
Our process proves that with the right social media strategy customised to your business, you will be able to take a step back and enjoy watching your business grow.
Additionally, in just 1 month, the traffic to our client’s webpage dramatically spiked!
See the dramatic increase of engagement on the clients Facebook Fan page!

Social Media Case Study #3

This client had been running Facebook ads in-house for six months, and although they had managed to get over 1,000 likes on their page they hadn’t managed to capture any leads. With a simple evaluation of their Facebook, we helped convert those ‘likes’ into leads and created a landing page which captured interested customers details, therefore creating this company a solid email list and database.
We then set up a number of ads and split tested them against each other. It was initially costing the client $11 per lead however after 3 months of our campaign strategy we were able to get the cost down to $4.80 which is well below the $7 per lead the client set for us!
As you can see below we now generate around 86 new leads for the business each week.

Social Media Case Study #4

After spending $400 on a non-successful Facebook campaign offering a free 2 day event with no registrations, this client came to us deflated and defeated. Wanting to restore their faith in social media we helped set up a higher converting landing page and a sales funnel.
We then set up 6 different Facebook ad campaigns with 10 variations of ads in each. We started off getting event registrations at a cost of $76 per person and within 2 weeks cut that down to $43 per lead by optimising the campaign!
After another week we were able to reduce the cost per registration down to $27 average over all 6 campaigns.
In this same 3 week period we increased their Facebook fans by 8% even though this was a pure lead generation campaign, n ot a “like” campaign. Their engagement is also up over 100% (people talking about this).
The other challenge that this company had, was only about 33% (normal for a free event) of people hat would register for an event would show up. We crafted a highly compelling email auto responder series to get people that had registered to the event.
The end result was that instead of 33% showing up a whopping 81% of people that registered for the event showed up.

Social Media Case Study #5

Everyone wants more fans on their Facebook page and here is an example of building over 22,000 fans in less than 6 weeks.
This was a small campaign that some of Think Big Online’s staff ran as a side project, out side of work hours.
We used one of our 2 main “Like” strategies to build 22,000 highly targeted and engaged fans in under 6 weeks. We actually had to pause the campaign after 2 weeks (where you can see the flat spot) because the credit card that was used to fund the ads was stolen and we had to get a replacement card.
So it’s actually 22,000 fans in 4 weeks if you subtract the 12 weeks of no promotion in the middle.


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