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Have you google’d yourself lately…

Your customer have and it could be unflattering!

Recent study: 70% of consumers search online for a business’ reputation prior to buying even if they have already heard of you!

Have you ever had a conversation where someone asked you a question and in turn you told them to “Google It” to find the answer?

I’m sure you have, in this new digital world we live in we are relying more heavily on the Internet to provide the answers we need.

This is good and bad, good because it allows businesses like yours to attract more customers from around the world…
…But it’s also bad, technology is now so easy to use that ex-employees, unsatisfied customers and competitors can post unflattering things about you.

When Your Customers Search For Your Business What Do They Find?

When Your Customers Search For Your Business What Do They Find? If your customers search and find positive reviews and comments then they’re more likely to actually buy from you. But if they search and find negative reviews then they’ll leave your store without a word more.

You can’t leave such a powerful buying influencer to chance, you need to take control of your online reputation and ensure positive reviews are available to your customers.

Not only that but you need to push any negative reviews down the search engine’s and monitor for anything which could be potentially harmful.

Reputation management is a 3 step process

But Most Firms Stop At Just One

Unfortunately there are many reputation management firms which are trying to attract businesses like yours. They are doing it unethically as they are not providing you with all the information you need.

You see, they say they can remove bad comments from search engines, but this doesn’t stop new bad comments popping back up…

…If you really want to protect your online reputation then you need to take a 3-part approach.

Monitoring your reputation

The first part is to monitor your reputation; you need to see what people are posting, where they are posting it and when they are posting it. This gives you the opportunity to react and respond immediately if a negative comment is posted.

A good reputation monitoring service, like the one we offer, will pick up all comments the moment they are posted.

Combat the bad comments

The second part is to locate the bad comments about your business and combat them with positive comments. This is not just as simple as replying to bad posts; in fact this could be the worst thing you do.

At Think Big Online we use a proprietary approach to combating negative comments and have successfully removed many from the Search Engine’s.

Protect your reputation

The final part is to protect your reputation, now that the bad comments have been removed its time to proactively protect your reputation. The best way to do this is post a constant stream of new positive comments from your customers online.

This can be a time consuming process, but at Think Big Online we’ve made it into a very simple to follow step-by-step system.
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Your business’ reputation can help to drive sales and success for your business or it can destroy it. It’s time to take control of it and use it as a sales tool in your business!

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