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Google adwords ppc advertising is still one of the fastest way to generate leads and drive customers to your business while growing your brand equity and reach.

PPC: Stands for Pay Per Click, which means you only pay once someone has clicked on your ad and is sent to your site so unlike traditional forms of advertising you only pay for advertising that brings customers to your door.

Targeted: We can target your ads specifically to your target market and geographic location, so that you are only paying for advertising to qualified leads that are in the demographic you want to attract.

Psychology: What most agency’s don’t do when running your adwords campaigns is look at the buying intent of keywords before selecting them for your campaign. This can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of you campaign and the return on investment that you get from your marketing efforts. At Think Big Online we take pride in assessing every keyword to ensure that the keywords we use in your campaign have buying intent and in turn will give you a better conversion to sale. It’s easy to drive millions of visitors to your website and if these visitors are not properly targeted then most of them will go to waste, because the main objective of any campaign should be to increase sales more than the investment of the marketing.

Low cost: Unlike other forms of advertising where you need to pay huge amounts upfront, with AdWords you can start on a shoe string budget as some ads start from as low as 5 cents as well as being able to put a limit on your daily spend.

Advertise on google vs traditional advertising

When you Advertise with Google pay per click or other search engines:

If you advertise in papers, magazines, business directories or do leaflet drops:

Other benifits


Service include

Facebook PPC

Facebook pay per click advertising is another way of getting highly targeted traffic but is used in a slightly different way. While Adwords focuses on driving traffic that is specifically seaching for your product or service Facebook advertising is more focused on branding the business and building a community around your products or services.
Facebook PPC is less expensive on a cost per click basis however must not be discounted, because we can high target business prospects via, age, sex, location and even their interests.
To find out how much we can increase your business by please contact us here.