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First impressions count: is your website effectively conveying your brand message and converting visitors into buyers?

The 3 Core Elements Of An Effective Website Design

Core Element #1: Converting Copy

The core of any sale is driven by the copy on your site, while imagery and colors help to engage a visitor in a site it’s the text which does the sale.
You must have copy that not only sells the visitor but also adds value to them as well.
Well thought out and crafted website copy could be the difference between making sales and not and yet it’s one of most commonly over looked things 99% of web designers don’t know about.

Core Element #2: Color Psychology

A lot of designers just don’t get this, they look at color as being a way to decorate a page and make it visually appealing. Instead they should be focusing on what emotions and actions the colors elicit from the visitor.
You must place the right colors in the right places to get people to do exactly what you want them to.

Core Element #3: Story Telling Images

This is the final key element, you need to include images within your web design that tell your brands story. Don’t just include images because they look good, instead visually tell the story and support the message the copy tells.

The Think Big Online Website Design Advantage

Why Build A Website It’s Not Generating A Significant Return On Investment?

This is our internal philosophy, if you really want to achieve results then you need to focus on the elements of design and development that get results. Here’s where brands get it right, they spend hours, even days reviewing images, colors and text for their sites to make sure they all combine to provide the right image and generate response.
This same kind of care should be taken by you as well, or at the least you need to engage a website design firm who understands this.
Now here’s where Think Big Online excel, you see we’re not just great designers, we’re not just talented developers, we’re also experienced internet marketers.
We know exactly what it takes to generate sales, to generate traffic and get clients results.

In fact we’re so confident we can build websites that get results, we want to show you exactly what we can do FREE of charge. Here’s how:

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To help business owners like you ensure you get REAL results from your website we’re offering a FREE No Obligation Website Strategy Review.
One of our highly trained and experienced website consultants will review your current strategy and set up and make recommendations you can use to get greater results.
If during that process you like what we’ve got to say, you may want to engage us to help implement your Website strategy…and of course we’d be happy to help!