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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of increasing the conversion rate of your website. The definition of a conversion is when a visitor takes a desired action on your website. This action could be filling in a form, downloading something, completing a purchase, making a phone call or any other action you want them to take.
Many people believe that the best way to get more leads or sales is to drive more traffic. Generating more traffic to a website usually costs more on going, increasing your variable cost, so while you might get more leads or sales, the cost of acquiring those leads or sales goes up in proportion.
Increasing your conversion rate can be an exponential increase in leads and sales, but most importantly increase profit without having to acquire any more traffic. See below real screen shots of what improved conversions can do for your business in 2 weeks.
1. Look at the second column – It shows traffic is actually down a bit for the period.
2. Look at the third column – it shows Revenue is up 39% in just over 2 weeks of conversion testing.

Update: After more testing this client ended up increasing monthly revenue by 231% without spending any more on advertising.

The Think Big Online Agency uses a proven formula for increasing your websites conversion rate as follows:
1) Analyse website analytics
Our technical team will go through and assess your website analytics. We then run the data through our statistical analysis calculators to determine the highest leveraged points on your website to optimise.
2) Website analysis
We look at several elements that influence conversion rates on a webpage – including strategies to decrease distraction, increase ease of conversion, improve the strength of messaging, strengthen trust, create social proof, reduce risks, improve targeting, and communicate scarcity.
3) Conversion testing
Our conversions rate specialists will then create a number of versions of the page(s) we want to increase your websites conversion on. We may test a range of things including, text, images, forms, buttons, colours, logos, video and many other elements on a web page to generate the most leads or sales for you.
After your approval we then split test these different versions against each other to come up with the highest converting combination.
4) Reporting
Once a month we deliver a full CRO report that shows how the test versions compare to the control version (original). Using our special calculators we can then project how much revenue this is worth to your business.
Conversion Rate Optimisation Service Packages
We have two options for CRO:
1. Pay as you go – We do everything for you and bill monthly in advance.
2. Pay on performance – You only pay a percentage of the increase in revenue. Conditions apply.