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3 Tools For Managing Your Website Presence

It is nearly impossible to have a business these days and not have a website. Just “having a website” won’t cut it either.

To maximize your online presence, you need to drive traffic to your website and engage in social media marketing. Developing a sound strategy is the first step towards online success.

Throughout the process of creating Facebook pages, tweeting, going on Google+ someone can get totally lost in “the process.”

It is important to be efficient and manage your time and website presence. You should always consider using tools that will you become more efficient as well as managing your website presence. A few of the best tools to help you do this are:

  1. Google AnalyticsAs part of managing your web presence, you will need to have a tight grasp on the “numbers” and how your traffic is coming in…this is a statistics program. To be successful online is to understand and constantly evaluate the incoming traffic into your web space. Not only will it save you marketing dollars, but you will know where to spend more money based on proven results.
  2. OutsourcingThis pertains to things like social media updates and other forms of online marketing. Doing everything that you need to do every day for Facebook, Twitter and Google + can keep someone busy all day. It very well may become more time efficient for you to outsource some of this work to other people, so that you can free up your time to focus on something else that will bring in the profits. Excellent websites like and allow anyone to connect with freelancers in virtually every field, making it extremely easy for you to locate the perfect “contractor” for your business model! These are global websites that have contractors in every country, so it can become very profitable for your business to hire someone to do the daily “chores”.
  3. Sprout Social – Social Media ManagementThis is one of the best tools that I have seen on the internet. Sprout Social allows you to take your social media presence from 0 to 100 very quickly. You log into a dashboard hosted on their server, and from that dashboard you can control all of your social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter.


The one thing that should never be outsourced is the development of your social media strategy. That would be like giving some guy you don’t know the keys to your brand new jag – it just wouldn’t happen!

Your social media strategy will outline exactly how you plan to take advantage of the social media frenzy, and it shouldn’t be outsourced to someone that isn’t fully qualified. It is always recommended to either work together with someone else, or develop it alone/ with your friend google!