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4 Effective Ways To Increase Your Digital Exposure and Sales This Holiday 2017

It’s exactly 10 days before Christmas and Social Media users are starting to share memes about their feeling towards it. And, I am pretty sure that even you who is currently reading this post – can now feel the excitement and the spirit of the holiday seasons. Don’t you?

Holiday is the perfect time to promote and sell what you are offering.

In fact, according to National Retail Federation, retailers of 2016 accounted for $658.3 billion in sales. 12.6% was from online sales alone. Mobile conversions have also outperformed desktop globally, with 53% of conversions coming from a mobile device.

Amazing right?

This is why brands are now going extra for the holidays to get more sales, leads, and profits. Some are putting up their 12 days of Christmas giveaways while others are consistently promoting their holiday discounts.

Which results in a higher digital marketing competition in the market for you.

And, in this article, we are going to talk about the 4 Effective Ways To Increase Your Digital Exposure and Sales This Holiday 2017.

Guide them with What to Give

Don’t underestimate gift guides. Always keep into consideration that not everyone is good in coming up with great gift ideas. That is why they use blogs seen on social media as their gift inspirations.

Create blog posts that are click-worthy. A click-worthy blog post should give value to the reader’s side. Answer their confusions of WHYs  – Why is your product worth the price? Why would their special person love it? Why is it worth giving?

Provide answers to their questions in mind and don’t forget to put a clickable link or an attractive product banner linking to your product’s check out section while they are in the state of being convinced about your article.

Use Facebook Advertising to Expand Your Reach

There are millions of users on Facebook and thousands of these millions are your potential buyer. Reach and attract them well with attractive and convincing Facebook Ads.

It is the last remaining days of 2017 and people are completing their bucket list before 2017 ends. In fact, psychology says, most people feel like rewarding themselves before the year ends.

Use Facebook ads to reach and sell to these kinds of people. Take advantage of the holiday seasons. Facebook Advertising done right will never fail to give you large figures.

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Pin posts on The Top of Your Profile

Don’t miss out Facebook’s free page features. Facebook did not just add a feature for no reason. The pinning post feature developed by Facebook throughout the years is added to help you sell and reach more. Maximise it!

Pinning your ads to the top of your business page is one of the most effective and practical ways to bring extra visibility to your ads with social proof.

Bonus Tip: Pin your ad with the highest social proof to ‘unconsciously’ persuade the new page visitor that your ad is something worth opting for.

Make Your Landing Pages Presentable

Your Social Media channels and Google Adwords campaign will drive traffic to your website. Internet users will not go to your website if they aren’t much interest. And, this is why you need to make sure that you are ‘consistently’ giving them the feeling that your product, offering or service is better than your competitors.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate, mobile friendly with professional looking banners, sharable icons, live chats, and most importantly your discount coupons should be tested and working.

If you also want to master the art of selling without selling. You can also join our free training to attract more ideal clients on Facebook.