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7 Key Points You Need To Check Monthly On Your Website (Infographic)

You spent ages crafting your website design and wording for your new website. You forget about it and just let it do the job for you? That’s wrong! You need to review your website on a monthly basis In order to gauge your website’s performance effectively.

In order to sustain your website’s performance, you need to continuously optimise your website and go back and double check if you’ve missed something. You can also sign up to SEO webinar that can keep you updated on the latest trends in the online marketing and learn the best SEO practices to effectively optimise your website.

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Here are some key points to follow:

  • Check your links
  • Update your content
  • Test on new browsers and devices
  • Double check all JavaScript interactions
  • Double check all forms
  • Update all hacks and workarounds
  • Have a backup plan

Check out the infographics below for more details.

Infographics on key points to follow for On Site Optimisation

Infographics By Web Designer Depot