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E-Commerce Marketing Tip #10 – Integrated Marketing For Fast Profit


Integrating ecommerce with offline marketing

A lot of people in the ecommerce business believe that there is no need for them to bother with offline marketing at all which is rather unfortunate. Offline marketing presents a huge opportunity especially after a sale as it enables businesses to re-engage previous buyers and make it more likely for them to actually do business with you again.

Some of the quickest and most affordable ways to effectively supplement your ecommerce business with offline marketing is to provide buyers with small business cards aimed at leading them back to your ecommerce website or better yet to one of your social media profiles – Facebook page, Twitter account or Pinterest. Whatever the case, it’s important to remember that the sales process doesn’t have to end after hitting the checkout button and think long term keeping your customers coming back to you.

Another great way to leverage offline marketing in your ecommerce business is to offer coupons after every sale. It’s a good strategy for getting customers to purchase again from you sometime in the future as you effectively attempt to draw them back in with great discounts or offers that they claim for a set period of time. The goal is to somehow create a habit for your buyers and get them to keep coming back to you with repeated purchases.

One other thing that you can do is have knick knacks or give away items made specific to your brand that is useful enough for them to keep and utilize in a regular basis and at the same time remind them about your business should they need anything. Depending on the nature of your business, the item can be a pen or a bottle owner engraved with your brand or business name on it.

There are a lot of affordable promotional products out there that you can include with your product or service for an additional dollar or so. It’s a small price to pay but can add a lot of value for customers and that extra bit of wow enabling your business to make its mark in the minds of your customers as they are better able to recall your business and what it’s all about.

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