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eCommerce Marketing Tip 2 – Improving Your Bounce Rate



Now what is bounce rate? Well it’s basically when someone comes to your website viewing a page but they don’t interact with it – they don’t scroll up and down, click on something and go through or interact with anything on your web page. Basically, it’s a “wasted visit”.

As website owners, we want to minimize our bounce rates as much as possible. On Google Analytics, a high bounce rate percentage translates to a low web page performance. You want to perform a detailed analysis on the matter by looking at your bounce rate across all of your webpages.

You can start by comparing your best 5 webpages with the lowest bounce rate with the worse 5. Try to see if there are any patterns that you can find – is there a common factor among them? Are you using templates on the worse ones as the best ones? If so then you have to take a closer look on the content within your webpages feature and consider a number of things which includes:

  • Images (the quality of the images)
  • The copy that you have in there (text and headlines can affect how people react with your webpage)
  • Do you have videos on the page?
  • Social sharing icons
  • Is the page loading properly after all? (Webpages that have slow load rate are more likely to lose the interest of prospects and visitors that often simply aren’t patient enough to wait on a webpage that is taking ages to load so they’ll just click off)

Things that that you can do to improve bounce rate

If you want to improve bounce rate then you’ve got to start split testing your webpages. For example ff you have page “about/”, you can create another page called “about/1” with a different page template or content. You can then use software to run one page against the other one so that the first visitor sees one page and the second visitor sees the next one.

Over time you’ll see which page performs better for you and then you can just start using that one as the default on your website lowering your bounce rate in the process.

Some other things that you can do are adding search bars to pages with high bounce rates. You should also look at the elements on the low bounce rate pages and see if there is anything that you are not using or you are currently using on your pages with significantly high bounce rates and make changes as necessary.

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