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eCommerce Marketing Tip26 – Build A Proof

A recent study done by Nielsen showed that only 40 percent of people actually trust and believe any form of advertising on the Internet. At the same time, a staggering 70 percent of people tend to believe and trust reviews from peers which includes people online that they don’t even know. How can we utilize such a fact to our advantage?

One thing that we can recommend and what we actually like to do for some of our best clients is to setup a system that automatically sends an auto responder or email to clients following their purchase  after a week or two of receiving their product or service. This way, we can ask them how things are going and hopefully get them back to the website and happy enough to leave a good review.

Now one great way to motivate people to go out of their way and get them to leave a review or star ratings on your website is to provide vouchers. Vouchers can encourage buyers and customers to come back and purchase more from you and essentially repeat the entire cycle.

Ultimately all these things build up massive proof on our client’s website so that when new prospects come to the website they’ll see glowing reviews about how great their services are and how the products are good and delivered on time. Basically it’s all about leveraging off the 70 percent of the trust mentioned earlier. It’s a simple approach to increase sales or profit for your website and snowball your way to ecommerce success!

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