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Facebook® Advertising

As of 31 december 2018, facebook® Had 2.32 billion monthly active users (mau)

How is your business leveraging these users to generate more sales?
If you could place your business in front of highly targeted, highly engaged users on the world’s largest internet platform would you be interested?

Any experienced business owner would answer this question with YES, this kind of targeted exposure could lead to sales, lead generation and new business opportunities.

This is exactly what Facebook® Ads offers to you. Facebook® is the most visited website in the world. 1 in every 5 page views are served world wide by Facebook®.

The Facebook® Ads platform allows you to specifically target the exact demographics of your target audience. Which means you are only showing your ad to people who are highly likely to engage with your business!

With 3.2 billion likes generated every day who’s liking your business?

Facebook® Ads isn’t just about generating visitors to your fan page, smart advertisers are turning these visitors into likes. You see, in a recent survey it was found that when making a buying decision 70% of respondents looked online for reviews.

The number one platform that they used to find those reviews was Facebook®, so if you can encourage your customers to “Like” your business Fan Page and lead positive comments you can build social proof.

This social proof will then help your business to turn more leads into customers!

In a recent study it was found for commercial terms paid advertising gets a higher click through rate then organic content

What this means for your business is that paid advertising should actually generate you better results then a content strategy. Now we’re not saying you shouldn’t post on your Fan Page…

…Of course you should do this, but if you want more likes, more visitors, more leads and more sales FAST then you need to use Facebook® Ads.

But don’t make the same mistake other small business owners are making, don’t take the “Do It Yourself” path, as that’s only going to result in disaster.

You see, there’s some bad press circulating about Facebook® Ads Return On Investment, this isn’t because you can’t make good returns, it’s because most campaigns aren’t set up and managed by professionals.


Professionals get results!

Secure your free facebook® advertising strategy review today…

To help business owners like you ensure you get REAL results from Facebook® Advertising we’re offering a FREE No Obligation Facebook® Advertising Review.

One of our highly trained and experienced social media consultants will review your current strategy and set up and make recommendations you can use to get greater results.

If during that process you like what we’ve got to say, you may want to engage us to help implement your Facebook® Advertising strategy…that’s fine!