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Do You Want to Turn Underperforming Facebook Ads Into Winners? 


Are You Concerned About Declining Returns from Your Facebook Ads?

Stop Wasting Money on Underperforming Facebook Ads Which Get Clicked On But Don’t Generate Leads or Sales…Create Highly Targeted Ads Which Increase Conversions, inReduces Acquisition costs and Drive Profits in Your Business. Advertising on Facebook isn’t getting any easier. For many marketers, the complexity of advertising on Facebook is turning winning ad campaigns into money wasters.

Here are some common complaints from business owners:

  • Ads get glazed over in favour of viral dog or cat videos
  • Ads are clicked on by prospects who have no intention to buy
  • The cost-per-click inflates to stage where it’s no longer profitable to advertise
What’s more, if you aren’t up to date with Facebook’s ever-changing rules, your ads can keep getting rejected. Worse, if you aren’t careful your Facebook ad account can get banned for good. But it doesn’t end there. You also need to figure out which ads are most effective for your business. Lead Ads, Offer Ads, Video Ads, Dynamic Ads… With so many options it’s easy to make mistakes.

Mistakes which can be costly.

Unless you know exactly what works and what doesn’t. After years and months of testing and investing thousands of dollars on our own campaigns, we’ve finally cracked the code to highly profitable Facebook campaigns… Using tested Facebook Advertising methods, and constant optimisation of ad campaigns, we will improve your conversion rate and reduce acquisition costs.

We provide you with end-to-end Facebook Advertising solutions as follows:

  • Campaign Setup: Up to: 8 campaigns, 40 ad sets in each campaign and 4 approved ad sets in each campaign
  • Ad Management: Budget allocation, optimising your audience, ad-rotation to generate consistent click-through, split testing and monthly reporting
  • Campaign Optimisation: Retargeting and inserting tracking pixel on each page of your website
  • Account Management: Dedicated account manager who will provide business level reporting every month and supportIf you’re searching for a solution to boost the performance of your Facebook ads, you can waste endless hours, days, weeks and months searching the web for the “right” information to help you….
Or you can save an enormous amount of time, money and energy and take action right now. If you’re ready to scale your AdWords campaigns and 10X your results contact us here Or Call Our Friendly Team On 02 8413 6409 to book a consultation.