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Facebook for Businesses and why it works

Facebook for business image by Think Big Online MarketingWithout a doubt, Facebook is the dominant and most popular social networking website today backed by more than 750 million active users half of which get on the site on a daily basis. Thus it isn’t hard to imagine the possibilities that it offers among online business owners and web marketers when it comes to opportunities for promoting their products or services and generating sales and profits. With such a huge pool of active users and the opportunities that it offers, it is easy to see how and why it works as it makes the power of social media abundantly. If you are not already making good use of Facebook for advertising and promoting your products or services, you can bet that you are leaving a lot of stones unturned out there.

Reasons to invest in Facebook for businesses

There are certainly a lot of good reasons why one ought to invest in Facebook for businesses. For one thing, establishing a Facebook presence through the creation of a business page and get it up and running won’t actually cost you anything. Make no mistake though, Facebook marketing isn’t completely free and will ultimately cost you down the road but not before you’ve manage to establish a fan-base which mean that unlike other web marketing solutions, the cost of using Facebook for businesses is very scalable.

With Facebook marketing, one can gain access to an audience that they could extensively engage with but only if you are putting up the right content by the correct means at the right time. With it, you can turn audiences into advocates who will not only patronize your products or services but also act as a source for positive feedbacks or reviews and refer more customers to your business.

Facebook business pages can be indexed by major search engines like Google. Thus it can also improve your business presence online which presents another good reason to invest in Facebook for businesses. A Facebook business page can show up in the search engine results for relevant queries and posting links to your website or money page on your Facebook business page is bound to improve website traffic which presents another good reason to invest in Facebook for businesses.

Another reason to invest in Facebook for businesses is the fact that making use of the viral nature and the “sharing” element Facebook is an extremely effective way to leverage current fans to improve brand awareness. Every time someone interacts with your brand or business on Facebook by sharing, commenting or liking your posts, such activities are shown to their network contacts via the newsfeed. People will often see this as a vote of confidence making them more likely to click on your page link and hopefully engage your business.

These are but a few of the reasons why one ought to invest in Facebook for businesses effectively promoting your brand or business. Would you like to know more about Facebook marketing and how to best use Facebook for your business needs? Let our social media marketing experts help! Get in touch with Think Big Online today!