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Facebook Launches Sponsored Results

In another move by Facebook to improve it’s revenue outlook and halt it’s falling share price, it’s been announced today that a new advertising service is launching.  The new service, dubbed Sponsored Results, is currently in testing and is being called “Facebook’s Answer To Search Advertisements”.

Very simply put, when you search in the search bar on Facebook traditionally you only saw free results.  Either you saw Fan Pages, Events Or People, now businesses are being given the opportunity to include advertisements into this search bar area.

The move by Facebook is a good one as it should help to bring onside media buyers who are familiar with the search buying market place.  Previously Facebook has had a strained relationship with media buyers as they struggle to show results and win over advertisers.

Hopefully this move to a more “normal” style of search based advertising will help to attract more businesses into advertising with Facebook.

Sponsored Results A Step In The Right Direction

While the announcement is a step in the right direction, some analysts are saying they have not yet taken the step which needs to be taken.  They are referring to allowing advertisers to direct advertisements outside of the Facebook platform.

Currently advertisers can only direct prospects to Facebook Pages which is restrictive in the style and type of advertisements that can be used to entice buyers.  Many analysts believe that a move to allow businesses to direct clicks straight to their own websites or landing pages should increase advertisers.

At this stage though it does not look as if this is a step Facebook is willing to take, they are very protective of their traffic and users, which to date has worked for them in terms of growth.

As the financial pressure continues to grow on Facebook though it’s quite possible they will open up this avenue in the hopes of increasing revenue.  Now for those of you looking for the sponsored results within your advertising dashboard, you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

The program is still in testing and only available to selected users.  But if you plan on using this service or have a comment about Facebook’s latest change feel free to jump in the comments below and leave your thoughts.