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How Often Should I Post Content?

How open should I post content image by Think Big OnlineOne of the questions that we’re always pondering in our office is how often we should be posting content.  We know that posting fresh content is great for search engine optimization, but it can also be great for social marketing.  You see, if we can post relevant, engaging and timely content then we can engage a social audience as well as a search audience.

When searching for answers to this question we study our own analytics and also those of similar businesses.  What we’ve found is that an increased frequency of content posting will actually lead to an increased frequency in visitors.  So we can increase the number of visits our loyal readers make by increasing our posts.  Not only that, but if we can incorporate a marketing strategy with our posts then we can also increase new visitors.

So in our case, when it comes to the question of how often should we post, the answer really is daily, or at most twice a day.  But unfortunately this isn’t a broad stroke answer, because each industry has a different answer.  In the case of website development and internet marketing there are breaking news stories everyday.

Social networks launch, facebook changes it’s privacy, google does a product update or something happens that’s newsworthy and should be commented on.  But in the case of a business where less newsworthy events occur, well then posting can be scaled back.

When answering the question of how often should you post new content you need to consider the following:

–          How connected is your audience? (how often do your customers go online)

–          How frequently does important newsworthy events occur?

–          What can you share with your audience to help them achieve their goals?

By answering these 3 questions you’ll be able to get an idea of how frequently you should be posting.  If you have a highly connected audience, with frequent newsworthy events, which you can pass intelligent comments on, then you should post frequently.  But if your audience rarely uses the Internet then you would want to limit your posting so you don’t overwhelm them with content.

With that said though, the most important part to understand is these are just guidelines if you really want to know what’s going to help your business, then test it!  Try posting once a day and watch your traffic stats, try posting once a week and watch your traffic stats.

Ultimately results will dictate to you how frequently you should post!  Out of interest, in the comments below let us know how often you think we should be posting J