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How to Create a Free Report Pt 2

See Part 1 How to Create a Free Report

Creating a free report

Free SEO Report Part 2 image by Think Big OnlineNow to help in creating your report, I’ve come up with some tips that we use with our clients to help them make the report. So I’ll just run those through with you.

Questions and important factors to consider in creating your free consumer report

Okay so there’s our buyer and that’s pretty self-explanatory. What are the 10 most frequently asked questions from your clients and obviously the answer is to them. What are the 10 most important things that a client should know about your industry, product or service that other businesses of the same type in your industry aren’t letting the client know? Is there some hidden truth in the industry that people don’t like to share because they are scared that it might put people off?

What are the things that your prospects don’t know that they don’t know? What are the questions that they should be asking you that they don’t. So you want to come up with, you know – ten is a good number there and of course the answer is to them. So for each of these questions you need to back them up with the actual answers and explain why and how.

The best thing is to go download our free report at and you’ll see exactly how our process works. You can rip that off and copy it if you want and help you to create your consumer buyer guide.

If there are hidden truths, why do other companies hide them and what they are scared of? Totally open the kimono and let them know this. Why do they hide each one? What should the consumer watch out for in your market? Say for example in pest control or in buildings or something, should they watch out and make sure that their provider has insurance or a particular type of license or a particular kind of cover?

 What are the 10 biggest should ask questions about your product or service? It’s very similar to this one up here that I already covered but this is more about the importance of – the important things that people should know and this is kind of what they don’t know.

Why should they ask these questions? Find the biggest problems in your market by searching Google and this will also give you a lot of information that you put in this report. So if you are in pest control you can type in:

  • pest control problem or problems
  • problems in hiring a pest control company
  • pest control scam, pest control scams
  • pest control reviews
  • Risks with pest control.

If you type in forums in inverted comments with your keyword, you’re going to find forums where people are talking about your specific topic and have a look at what their questions and concerns are. You can use all these information to put in your report because you know what is already going on in the mind of your prospects.

  • What are they already thinking about?
  • What are they talking about in the market that you don’t normally get to see?

You can basically jump in and see exactly what it is and use it in your report to give them education on.

Same thing keyword danger, you can come up with a lot of other combinations. That’s just to get you started.

What makes your business unique compared to competition? That’s not a complete sales tool. You are not directly doing a hard sell on them but you can subtlety let them know about your service and why your service is different compared to some of the competitors.

What other info they might find interesting or useful? So this is basically, anything else that might not be within this template but is relevant to your business. These aren’t particularly in order by the way. I probably have to clean these up a little bit.

What are the biggest misconceptions about the industry? We already covered that one in the report. What questions should your type of company be asking clients? We also covered that!

What are the 10 worst things that could happen if someone hires the wrong (insert your business type here) company? Let’s take pest control for example – What are 10 worst things that could happen if someone hires the wrong pest controller and how can you avoid that happening? And the special offer down at the bottom.

So that’s about it! We’ve got a number of questions there that will help you create your free report so now it’s up to you to create your education based marketing tool, your free report or your eBook whatever you want to call it. Think of a nice catchy name for it and go out there and get aweber and set it up with your report so that people can download it for free then market it everywhere and don’t just stick it in your website. Make a business card with the address and URL on it and give the business card to different people that you come in contact with and send them back there to download the report and you can start building up your database and building up a relationship with them through this powerful report that you’ve created.

I hope that this has been useful for you! Now that you’ve learned it, go out and make it happen. Implement it and have a great day!