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Ideas on Online Marketing

a man doing online marketing

A glimpse on internet marketing in Sydney

Online marketing collectively refers to any action done in an effort to advertise or market a certain website online. Strategies surrounding internet marketing in Sydney can vary from article and video marketing to social media and Pay-per-Click campaigns. A primary concern in web marketing is to yield a sufficient amount of site traffic and achieve greater visibility in search engines.

Digital marketing experts all have a number of ideas in place on how to achieve the aforementioned goal. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the most popular solutions in web marketing today

Your options in web marketing solutions

On-site SEO

This refers to a broad range of web marketing strategies that can be applied unto a website itself.  Such a strategy includes the careful application of meta tags in your HTML description and the clever use of targeted keywords throughout your website’s content. It is also important to have a good website design and smooth navigation to provide the best possible experience for site users. All these things are factors that are within your control and serve to make your website easier to find and identify by search engines.

Building links

Also known as “off-site SEO”, link building is yet another essential factor in online marketing today. Links that direct users onto your website are basically perceived as a vote of confidence by search engines and serve as a factor when judging the quality and usefulness of a certain website. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about the number of links – quality is also a factor. A single link from a good and highly authoritative website is worth more than a hundred links from unranked and less reputable sources.

Social networks

There is hardly any business today that doesn’t make good use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote their products or services. Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and there’s no better way for a business to engage with their customers other than with social media.

Businesses can build so called fan or business pages on Facebook and reach out to people who are even remotely interested in their offerings. You’ve probably experienced this yourself – perhaps you’ve decided to visit a certain restaurant after seeing a positive review from your peers along with their Facebook page showcasing their delightful dishes?

Do it right and you just might be able to come up with viral marketing messages that are freely shared by people across social networks which mean more exposure for your business.

Pay-per-Click campaigns

Pay per Click campaigns enable businesses to promote their products or services in the form of paid advertisements featured by search engines. A dominant example of such a platform is Google Adwords which is essentially a paid online marketing tool that can be used to launch advertisement campaigns on the search engine. You’ll be able to set a defined budget and the search terms in which you want your advertisements to appear along with the amount that you wish to spend on a daily basis.

So there you have it – a few of the popular solutions in online marketing today. Do you need professional help tackling a few of them? Contact Think Big Online today – when it comes to online marketing, we are keen on delivering every bit your money’s worth!