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Identify Your Reach with Facebook Advert Audiences

You might be wondering after you set up your ads on Facebook, there is a slow movement in achieving your goal, whether it’s a post engagement or website conversions. You must see to it that upon setting up your campaigns, you exactly know what you want to target. Right audience by their location, age or gender or audience from your site. In this article, you will get familiarise with the different Audiences that you can select in Facebook Adverts Manager or Power Editor


Core Audiences

With Core Audiences, you will choose the people in detailed targeting. You will be looking for people who might be interested in your products. This feature can be found in Boost Post from the page, Ads Manager, and Power Editor. Core Audiences will allow you to target the following:

  • Demographics
    • You will choose people by their age, gender, relationship status and many more.
  • Location
    • Target people based on their location. You may also create radius or distance from where your shop is located.
  • Interest
    • One of the good thing in Core Audiences is you can choose the interest of the audience which will help your ads get the right engagement. You may choose certain things that are related to y our products or services or even audiences with interests on your competitors end.
  • Behaviours
    • You can reach people based on their purchasing behavior or intent, device usage, and other activities.

Custom Audiences

This type of ad targeting will help you reconnect with your existing customers and contacts. There are lots of options in setting up your Custom Audience but the goal is same, to stabilize the relationship within your current reach and drive more sales. Custom Audiences can be of the following:

  • Loyal and Potential Customers
    • Your current customers and prospects that might get interested again in buying your promotion.
  • Website Visitors
    • This is a big help in conducting more engagement between your Facebook and active website as you will be targeting people who visit your site.
  • Mobile Users
    • If you have an active mobile and you want to reach the people who are currently using it.

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Lookalike Audiences

With Lookalike Audience, it will help you target similar reach your Custom Audience has. This will increase your chance of reaching more people who might be interested in your business.

Making different adverts and creating targeting audience takes time and more testing. We can help you achieve your goal for your ads, if you need more guidance, you may reach us here – Contact Us.