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Improving your Video Marketing Efforts with Youtube Analytics

Video Marketing and Youtube Analytics

Improving your video Marketing efforts image by Think Big OnlineThe process of creating video content for your video marketing efforts can be a grueling and tedious undertaking demanding hours of work tuning and editing. There is also the matter of actually promoting your videos so that your prospective customers can actually find, view and share it online. It is fortunate then that for people in the business of marketing with videos, Youtube offers a good and detailed analytics report enabling web marketing professionals to easily figure out what is actually working and what’s not (and why). If you are not taking advantage of such features in your video online marketing efforts then you can bet that you are leaving a lot of stones unturned.

Youtube’s video marketing analytics enable people to determine valuable demographics giving you important information about the people viewing your videos, where these people are from and track down sources for finding people who are likely to view your content as well as determine how long your audience have been watching your videos (are they watching the whole thing?) with Retention reports. All these information will prove invaluable in providing you with insights empowering your efforts in coming up with content that appeal better to your targeted viewers and helping you hit your goals when it comes to effective marketing with videos. In order to access the Youtube  analytics report, all you have to do is visit and log on to your account. Let’s take a good look at some of the most important insights offered by the Youtube analytics report and how you can make good use of them.

Youtube Video Marketing Demographics Report

As mentioned earlier, demographics is one of the significant features offered by the Youtube analytics report. It tells you a couple of things about the viewers of your videos such as their age group and gender. Let’s say you are targeting female viewers that are in their midtwenties for your video online marketing campaign but demographics show that most of your viewers are men that are in their midthirties. It tells you that you have a problem with your tailored video content and the demographics report is an excellent resource that you can tap into to determine if you are actually expressing your message to your target viewers effectively.

Now if you find yourself in a similar predicament to the situation mentioned above, you have to improve your efforts at tailoring your content to captivate the attention of a particular gender or age group. Assess the manner in which you intend to present your message through your videos. This includes the pace, style and editing methods that you are implementing. Older audiences tend to favor videos of traditional presentation that are informative and slow paced as they generally have a longer attention span. Viewers of the younger generation generally prefer video content that is flashy, aesthetically focused and fast-paced.

Views and Sources Report

Okay so you’ve uploaded your videos and are now tracking the number of views you are getting and where its from as well as its number of likes and subscribers. Knowing which channels to effectively embed your videos can prove invaluable to success in video marketing. Analytics can tell you exactly where your video is gaining a lot of exposure (blogs, social media networks or directly on Youtube). This is important simply because your number of views, subscribers and likes is a solid indicator of your success and effectiveness in marketing with videos.

These are but a few of the things that Youtube’s analytic report offers you. The creation of good video content for video web marketing demands a lot of time, effort and resources.Being able to keep track of your video’s demographics, source and statistics can go a long way in the careful planning and effective execution of video web marketing campaigns. This is just what the Youtube Analytics offers for people in the video marketing business.