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You’ve probably heard of Infusionsoft, and you might be thinking . . .

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Is Infusionsoft The Right Investment For Your Business? This Is Really The Only Question You Need To Answer Right Now – And You’ll Find The Information You Need Right Here – Or Book A Free Consult So You Can Make An Informed Decision.


There are NEVER too many questions about the best way to manage that sales and marketing funnel that brings customers into your business. What seems to be missing however, are answers – or, even better – solutions. That’s what we’re here for.

Like any other sales and marketing system, Infusionsoft is only as good as the person working it. So if you’ve found your way here, you’re probably considering whether or not Infusionsoft will work for your business.

Or maybe you already know that your business will benefit from Infusionsoft, but you want to hit the ground running, wasting as little time and money as possible.

In either case, it’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve from your sales and marketing campaigns.

‘Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product or service, and that bring friends with them.’

  1. Edwards Demine – Statistician

A well-known business axiom is that the majority of your profit (about 90%) comes from your existing client base, rather than from new customers. This is because it costs less to keep existing customers than it does to find, chase, and attract, a whole bunch of new ones. By the time new clients spend a little with your business, you have already laid out a great deal of money just to get them there. They only really start to add to your profit margin if they remain engaged with your business and continue to spend with you over the long term. In other words, once they’ve become existing clients. That’s the not-so-good news.

The GREAT news is that customer engagement is something you already do quite well – how do we know this? You have a viable business, so your existing clients know you and trust you. These customers already do business with you – spending their money with you – so encouraging them to invest more with your company is a much more profitable exercise than sourcing new leads. Increasing the length and value of the exchange between you and your current clients is where sales and marketing systems like Infusionsoft can add real, measurable, value.

Imagine if you could maintain your customer relationships with less time and effort on your part? Enhance your client experience with less time spent per customer? Encourage your customers to spend more money with your business? This is the kind of customer life cycle and engagement plan that builds robust businesses – and long term profitability.

You’ve probably heard mixed reviews from other businesspeople about Infusionsoft – and that’s usually down to a few all-too-common factors. Before you upset the delicate balance of your sales and marketing ROI by jumping – or not jumping – into any sales funneling system, make sure you know what to expect from most Infusionsoft consultants. Many of these so-called consultants lack actual business experience and focus too tightly on:

  • The price of pre-packaged solutions
  • Increasing your customer lifecycle
  • How to set up basic, blanket campaigns
  • The volume of new leads the system will generate
  • ‘Set and forget’ campaign creation and management


While these are relevant and important points to look at when you’re thinking about Infusionsoft, they should not be the main focus of your planning. After all, these features are not even what the software is designed to do. Infusionsoft is about automating client engagement – and monetising that enhanced relationship. That’s it – and that is all you really need to understand. The rest is just timing and technology. So before you get bamboozled by any of the cowboys out there, keep that one fact straight in your mind. It’ll help you sort the bad consultants from the good ones. So will the table below:


” There is really only ONE way to decide whether or not Infusionsoft is for you – and that’s to examine your ROI. “


A Bad Infusionsoft Consultant Focuses On Increasing Your Customer Lifecycle

“Wait a minute – isn’t that what I want?” I hear you ask.

Not exactly – and here’s why: that’s not what Infusionsoft is designed to do. It would be more accurate to say that Infusionsoft is designed to increase the value of your customer relationship lifecycle. After all, it’s the relationship that generates the profit, not the mere fact that a client sits on your list for months on end – they may never spend a cent. Hardly the sort of result you’re looking for.

Focusing on the maintenance and value of the customer relationship lifecycle, not just the client lifecycle itself is a small difference that can pay HUGE dividends when you find a consultant that gets this right.

A Good Infusionsoft Consultant Focuses On Increasing The Value Of Your Customer Relationship Lifecycle.

 A Bad Infusionsoft Consultant Will Tell You What This System Can Do.

Once again, you might be thinking “Hang on…isn’t this what I need to know?”

Ask yourself – is it really? Don’t you REALLY want to know this?


What can Infusionsoft do FOR YOU?

Infusionsoft focuses on improving the lifecycle of your relationship with your customer. It should save you time and money on client retention. The point of Infusionsoft is to make sales and marketing easier, simpler, and more automated for your business – and if you know what you’re doing with the software, this is exactly what it delivers.

However, Infusionsoft isn’t the only answer for every small to medium sized business, and your first priority should be to assess whether or not this system will be useful for your business at all. If Infusionsoft does not deliver what you want from your sales and marketing programs, then it may not be the system for you.

A Good Infusionsoft Consultant Will Discover What This System Can Deliver FOR YOU.


A Bad Infusionsoft Consultant Will Offer You A Pre-packaged, Cheap Solution When You Ask About Price.

Infusionsoft is not the cheapest sales and marketing system around – no doubt about it, there are less expensive alternatives. But what are you getting for your money? There is a vast difference between ‘inexpensive’ and ‘cost effective’.

There is really only ONE way to look at the question of price when it comes to your sales and marketing campaigns – and that’s to examine your ROI. Again, this comes down to one question for you:

Will Infusionsoft generate an increase in profitability that far exceeds your financial outlay?

If so, then your investment can be said to be cost effective, rather than inexpensive. Pre-packaged solutions run a high risk of costing you more in the long run, simply because every business has individual characteristics that no one-size-fits-all approach will be able to leverage.

In other words, will you receive a decent return on your investment? If so, price is not really the issue.

This is exactly the kind of equation our consultants spend all day, every day, working on for our clients. If the answer is ‘No’, then we know we can’t help you and that will be that – but if we can find some ways to make a substantial difference to your business’s bottom line through our expertise and knowledge of Infusionsoft, then we can have a more detailed conversation – and it will start with one question:

What do you want your sales and marketing to achieve in your business?

We can tailor an Infusionsoft solution around this goal for you. We make absolutely certain we are doing everything we can to maximise your ROI – we keep our focus honed in on that number to ensure Infusionsoft is working harder for your business than you are – after all, that is what an automated business system is for.

“A Good Infusionsoft Consultant Will Keep Your ROI Front And Centre!”

If you are looking to sustain and enhance your client relationships and monetise this deeper level of engagement, then enter your details for a free consultation, or call one of our experts. All our consultants are locally based right here in Sydney, Australia so we know this business landscape and we work in your time zone.