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Internet Marketing – it’s a Date

Internet Marketing is just like Dating


Now this may sound strange but one of the best practical analogies that can be said about Internet marketing is that it’s practically just like dating. Now comparing something that seems to be as complicated as online marketing to dating may seem too far off but read on and we’ll tell you how exactly this is so.



The dating perspective on internet marketing

Well imagine that you’ve just met someone you really like and that you are on your first date. You don’t ask that someone right away to be your girlfriend/boyfriend or worse – ask them to marry you right? You are likely to freak that somebody out and have them running for the hills and out of your life. You have to spend some time together and actually get to know one another as well as meet each other’s family and friends.

If you like what you see, you can then wrap a ring around it so to speak.

In web marketing though, we see a lot of people and internet marketing services putting up call to actions like “Contact us” and “Buy Now” on most of their webpages and that’s practically just like asking someone you’ve only just meet in the dating scene to marry you – you just don’t do it. You are asking prospects to settle down too quickly! Why would they say yes to someone they don’t really know?

Keep things cool, such actions makes you look desperate and highly questionable. Much like in web marketing, you need to give your prospects a chance to get to know you first. You can put your best foot forward by say, sending them an eBook about your business and what you have to offer. If they like what they see then they are likely to express their interest and make an effort to know more about you.

Do you see where I’m going with this in regards to SEO and search engine marketing?

Only then can you begin stepping up your efforts and effectively fulfill your internet marketing goals by asking your prospects to commit with convincing webinars, product samples and demonstrations or perhaps a detailed case study? If everything goes according to plan and you manage to get them feeling warm and fuzzy inside, you can then seal the deal. Pretty much like dating right?

Don’t you think internet marketing is pretty much like the dating scene as well?