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Iphone Video Hero Review and Bonus – Professional Video Creation Course

A good look at iphone video hero

Nothing gets marketing messages across better than a good video – a lot of internet marketers know that all too well. Unfortunately the knowledge and investment required can make video marketing cost prohibitive for many marketers who simply can’t afford the cost of professional grade video recording equipment. Iphone video hero claims to be capable of changing all that but does it deliver? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look…

All about Iphone Video Hero

Iphone Video Hero is an ingenious video making course designed to enable users to come up with professional quality marketing videos out of a device most people already have on their pockets – the iPhone! (The course also applies to Android devices with rich HD recording features). It practically turns the iPhone into a video production tool and eliminates the need for specialized video recording equipment which can cost thousands of dollars.

Now the course was created by Jules Watkins – a former BBC and MTV director so he does know a thing or two about creating professional quality videos. The course provides a complete walkthrough, tips and strategies on how to create professional quality videos with iPhone. It provides tutorials, recommended apps and effects to come up with videos that are just as good as those taken by more expensive video recording equipment.

What we loved about the iPhone Video Hero

Perhaps the best thing about iPhone Video Hero is the idea itself – creating professional quality videos straight out of an iPhone which is something that marketers never would have thought possible. Whether you are an internet marketer, blogger or running any kind of business online, you can take advantage of the professional video production capabilities of a device you’re likely already using. It’s particularly useful for users who lack the resources to spend on specialized recording and studio equipment.

The course is very comprehensive and covers everything that users need to effortlessly create professional looking marketing videos. Topics that the course covers include:

  • Video Controls and Settings
  • Depth of Field
  • Headsets
  • Steady Recording
  • Audio Setup
  • Voice Recording
  • Lighting
  • Filming yourself
  • Videolicious
  • Video effects
  • Pimping your videos
  • Marketing on Youtube
  • And many more…


Iphone Video Hero also features a “Resource Section” where you’ll find:

  • An image library that you can use for your video covers
  • An audio track collection that you can use as background music for your videos
  • Highly recommended video creation tools and plugins

Who can benefit from iPhone Video Hero?

The course is highly recommended for anyone looking for a practical and inexpensive alternative to video marketing without sacrificing results. Of course you’d have to own an iPhone or any other smart phone that matches its HD recording specs but that’s already a given.

Whether you are internet marketer who wishes to capitalize on the advantages of videos as a marketing tool without breaking your finances or a casual blogger looking to breathe new life to your content, iPhone Video Hero is certainly worth checking out. For just $97 and a 30 day money back guarantee, most people would have to agree that it’s a steal and far much less compared to what you’d have to spend on expensive and complicated professional recording equipment.

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