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We want to make you one of our happy clients, just like these guys…

Case Study 1:

Super Smile (Orthodontics and Dental Clinic)

Any medical related service has huge amounts of competition, but regardless of the competition, when you know what you are doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you can make it happen. That’s exactly what we did and still do for Super Smile. Since they started working with us they have seen a dramatic increase in their rankings, leads and over all sales.

Check out one of the top rankings we’ve achieved for their site :

Wait there’s not just one, there’s more happy campers…

Case Study 2

Shutters Australia (Industry Leader)

One of our very first clients Ken, from Shutters Australia came on-board with us in need of some serious online marketing work. He’d just come out of a bad deal with a well known shoddy online Agency and we stepped in and came to the rescue. We built Shutters Australia a brand new website, rebuilt all their marketing campaigns online and fixed his SEO problems. Shutters Australia is a leading brand in it’s Industry and we are proud to say we have played our part in Ranking their site higher each month for highly competitive phrases. Our SEO experts have contributed to the millions of dollars in revenue that Shutters brings in each year.

Here’s just one example of a 1st page ranking we got them:

Ok you asked for it, just 1 more….

Case Study 3

Pro Speed Racing (Online Store)

Pro Speed Racing has literally more than doubled their revenue since starting SEO with Think Big Online and they continue to increase in sales as their market share grows. Pro speed racing started off as one of the little guys in the market but now they are giving companies like Ebay car parts a run for their money along with other performance car parts suppliers Australia wide.  

As you can see they are on the 1st page of Google for a super competitive keyword: