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Market Samurai Review and Bonus – Keyword Research and Competition Analysis Tool

All about Market Samurai

Market Samurai - Keyword Analysis and Competition Analysis image by Think Big OnlineThe internet is without a doubt the best place for businesses to promote any kind of product or service. Unfortunately it’s also the most competitive environment that any business could be in. Nearly any company or business today have a website or run an online presence on some niche or industry. People looking to get into online marketing bandwagon will need any advantage that they can get their hands on to effectively compete let alone succeed online – that’s just what Market Samurai claims to offer.

Is it any good though or its just all hype? Let’s go ahead and have a closer look at what Market Samurai has to offer

The most common underlying reason why most businesses fail online is the lack of proper market research which can lead to inevitable blunders such as targeting the wrong keywords, insufficient traffic and low conversions. Market research is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign and unless it is carried out properly, internet marketers are bound to fail.

What can Market Samurai do for you and how does it work?

Market Samurai is primarily a keyword research and competition analysis tool designed to optimise one’s marketing campaign from the bottom up and make the most out of it. The tool makes it possible to go over your marketing efforts and that of your competitors giving users a valuable advantage.

Check out the videos below for a quick look on what Market Samurai has to offer:

Market Samurai is for anyone looking for the opportunity to take a shot at picking the low hanging “SEO fruit” through well research keywords derived from filters like competition and traffic. Users can uncover exactly which keywords possess the potential to rank well yet still manage to get enough search traffic without running into much competition.

Features to love about Market Samurai:

  • Keyword Research – Know exactly what keywords to target and build your online marketing campaign around
  • Pagerank tracking – Monitor the page rank and back links pointing to your website
  • Content finder – seek out content for article research, spinning and republishing
  • Competition analysis – keep tabs on how your best competitors are doing. Take a peek at their link profile and even reverse engineer it to your benefit.
  • Monetization –monetize your website with the help of Market Samurai ads created from information obtained thru research suggestions.


Simply put, Market Samurai enables users to effectively handle one’s market intelligence needs from keyword research and competition analysis to optimizing content, monetization, link building, pagerank monitoring and more! Get a lot more done with very little effort and full automation thanks to Market Samurai.

Is Market Samurai the right product for you?

Keyword research and competition analysis comes nothing short of crucial to online marketing success. Many who’ve used it often end up wondering how they’ve ever managed to get started without it and that’s saying something. If you are serious about SEO and online marketing then Market Samurai is certainly for you.

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