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On-Page SEO Structure of a Well Optimised Page (Infographic)

Let’s get started by asking, what is an On-Page SEO? It’s simply to properly optimise your website pages, titles, tags, content and making sure that your website’s overall structure is optimised for your target keywords.

On-page SEO for every campaign is critical and complicated but if you have sufficient knowledge of how to do it, you’ll surely love it.

You can get tons of leverage with optimising your On-page. Start reading your ebooks and attend some SEO webinars, subscribe to SEO blogs and more–that could help you keep up with the latest trends and updates on Search Engine Optimisation.

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Check out this simple On-Page SEO checklist infographic that will surely feed your brain with some practical strategies that you can use on your site today. Make sure to share this to your colleagues if you think this infographic is useful enough.

Infographics by Backlinko.