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Optimizing Social Media Updates

Effectively doing social media updates

Effectively and optimally doing social media updates is the staple diet of any web marketing business. Social networks greatly expands a business’ reach acting as an effective platform for communicating with prospective customers as well as nurturing generated leads improving one’s chances of actually making a sale and generating profits.

Regularly publishing optimized updates on social networking websites that your business is engaged in comes as a near necessity. This begs the question though, what makes a social network updates optimized though and what does it actually look like?

Best practices for social media updates

Indeed optimised social media updates is crucial for any online business engaged in social marketing but many people in the web marketing business are practically clueless about what makes a social media marketing update “optimised” and what it looks like. What are the key characteristics of a good social network update for online businesses? Certainly it ought to vary from one social network to another but there are several best practices that apply to all social networks which include:

  • Making an effort to engage your customers. Social networks are a good and effective platform to promote and advertise your business but only if you maintain its “social” element. Allocate a good portion of your social media marketing updates to engage your followers and fans. Get involved, respond to questions and ask people what they think.
  • Including your keywords. Major search engines like Google are acquiring signals from social networking websites which makes it crucial to include your most effective and relevant keywords to your social media updates. Doing so would help boost online visibility helping your prospective customers find you online.
  • Creating social marketing updates that are useful and of value to people. The updates that you make provide useful or interesting information to the people you wish to reach out to. Fans or followers hate it when you bombard them with useless and uninteresting social media updates/
  • Include lead generation. Web marketing professionals need to think about ROI (Return of Investment) in their social marketing campaign. If you fail to include content that effectively generate leads such as webinars and offers like downloadable content, you can bet that you are leaving a lot of stones unturned.
  • Posting social media marketing updates on a regular and consistent basis. Engage your followers or fans with new and updated content regularly and give them a reason to go and check you out.  What is acceptable in terms of posting frequency tend to vary among various types of social networks. For one thing, you are expected to post more social media marketing updates on Twitter as the average life span of a tweet is considerably shorter than most of its counterparts from other social networks.