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Proving Yourself And Your Businesses Value

Over the last two weeks the Think Big Online team has been significantly tested as we’ve taken on short turn around projects with high pressure for some significant companies.

It has been a validating process for us as a team and as a manager of our team I am glad to say that we passed it with flying colors. The reason I share this with you is I want to show you the value of helping other businesses and what they can mean to you.

You see, one of the biggest tests that we encountered in the last few weeks was taking the development work of another company and engineering it to work as the previous company failed. As we took on the project we found out just how great the project was, where initially we looked and saw it as a small project this grew significantly as we got into the code.

We did not let this stop us as we were working on a tight deadline and the company that engaged us had to present the working site to investors. So the team dug deep and put in a few 20 hour days and produced a miracle.

It was great to see our team pull this off but I really share this with you as the upside of this work was significant. We were given a chance to showcase our skills to the client and as a result we won a significant ongoing contract to complete work.

Not only that but we also received referrals to other clients and a significant bump in revenue around these referrals as well. So I ask you today as to what challenges you can help other companies solve and WIN their business by proving your self and your business capabilities in the short term.

Just one opportunity delivered on can drive ongoing business for you and your company long term!