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Read This Before You Even Think About Internet Marketing For Your Sydney Business

Online retail has been growing in popularity for years, and it’s not showing any signs of letting up. The sales numbers every year are becoming massive, and if you have a business you can’t afford to miss out on them. Most business owners have already realized this though, and now they’re asking: what is digital marketing?

Our answer:

It’s the best way to attract new customers to your business and grow your number of sales. .

Person Shopping OnlineIn 2014 online sales represented about 6.9% of all spending in Australia. Furthermore, the growth of online retail outpaced that of brick and mortar. In 2014 online retail grew by 9% in Australia while traditional retail stores only saw a 4.7% growth. These trends are set to continue. As more products become available, people are going end up spending even more time shopping online. To capture a share of these consumers, you have to think seriously about what online marketing services you can use. This is something we’ll get into further in this article, but first we want to point out one of the largest advantages of online advertising.  

Digital marketing is great because it allows you to target your ideal customer. You can market to a particular customer or niche without spending a lot of money putting advertisements in front of people who will never buy from you. This is a huge advantage over traditional marketing, and one of the reasons everyone at Think Big Online advocates finding a marketing consultant to help you grow your business.

Digital Marketing and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is great because it drives organic traffic to your site. That means that you don’t have to pay anything, potential customers come to your site naturally from search engines like Google and Bing. A SEO company can be a great help to a business because it’s an effective way to market a product or service, and it’s cost effective as well. In fact, at Think Big Online, our SEO campaigns result in a 95% cost reduction in acquisition of new leads!

One of the reasons that SEO is so effective is that people who find your products through Google are already in the market for them. For example, if a person searches:

“Toyota Dealer in Sydney”

They’re obviously in the market for a car. It’s better to spend money to get noticed by a customer like that, versus spending money online advertising, reaching the millions of people who are not looking to buy a Toyota at the moment.

Another benefit of SEO is that it can convince consumers that you’re an industry leader. If your website shows up in the top three search results for a given query, most consumers will automatically assume that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

Local SEO is also becoming an important part of online marketing campaign. This is especially important as we see the rise of location based devices like smartwatches and local referral apps, like Yelp. These use a person’s location to find a business close by. Working with an online marketing agency to get found by these local searches is very important, and it’s a great way to drive more organic traffic to your website

Driving Sales with PPC

A nice compliment to SEO can be the use of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. These are the paid ads that you see at the top of the search results when you use Google, or any other search engine. PPC advertising can be a good choice in certain situations because sometimes there is so much competition for top SEO results that you may not be able to rank for a certain market. With PPC you can insert a paid advertisement and capture a share of that market

PPC is also a good solution because it works immediately. That makes it great if you want to get a product noticed immediately, or if timing is a factor. While SEO is a solid investment, it takes time to pay off. PPC is fast and effective.

Finally, with PPC you won’t pay anything unless a person actually visits your website. Forget about traditional television advertising where you pay to put ads in front of people who will never use your product. PPC is a much better option.

Web Design and Digital Marketing

There are two reasons why web design is important for your website. These affect the number of customers you’ll be able to sell to, and also how likely Google is to direct traffic to your website.

First, a well designed website is a key part of keeping people engaged. You want potential customers to be able to quickly figure out your site and use it intuitively. Also, a good design can keep people hooked on your site, just as easily as a bad design can make people want to leave.

Second, Google actually looks at your site to determine your search rating (how likely you are to place near the top of its search results). Google needs to be able to easily index your whole website. On top of that, it will check to see if your website is mobile compatible. If your site doesn’t function well on a smartphone or tablet, Google may lower your search rating which can reduce the benefits from any SEO campaign.  

As a bonus tip, also consider investing in a good logo. When a potential customer arrives at your website, he or she will spend more time looking at your logo then anywhere else on the website. A good logo will also help to identify your business and your brand, and it’s something that will make you stand out from other online retailers.

The Think Big Online Approach to Online Marketing

What sets Think Big Online apart from other companies is our comprehensive approach to internet marketing. We believe both in bringing your website new traffic through the use of digital marketing, and also in optimizing your website for SEO. This ensure that you net as many potential customers as possible. We’re a one stop firm and we can help to improve your website so that it becomes a selling machine!

One thing we’re particularly proud of is our great client feedback. Our customers come to us whenever they need to market a product or service, or to start a new SEO campaign. We’re especially happy to help businesses in the local Sydney area. We’re an Australian company and we want to put that expertise to use for you and your business. Don’t just take our word for it though, learn more about what some of our past clients have to say.

At Think Big Online, we’re also proud of the way our marketing experts use social media to promote your business. A good social media campaign is the perfect compliment to SEO and PPC marketing. It can be an extremely cost effective way to market your business. When we start a campaign, we take advantage of all the social media platforms and promote your business using whichever application fits your particular niche best.

Bringing it All Together

Digital marketing is important because of how many sales are now taking place online. If you want to remain current, you have to promote your business online and gain a healthy customer base. Digital marketing can help you with all that. It’s an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your website, and a much better option than traditional advertising. With television, radio and print advertisements, you pay to put the content in front of lots of people. With digital marketing, you spend a majority of your budget on getting the content in front of people who might actually be interested in your product or service.

By utilizing SEO and PPC marketing, you can radically increase the amount of people who view your website on a daily basis. These two forms of digital marketing are awesome because they tend to only reach people are already at the stage where they’re ready to invest in a product. Web design is important because it keeps customers on your page, after marketing has reeled them in. It’s not just about looks though, it’s about how your website functions as well. If your website is lemon, people will leave quickly and they won’t come back.

Think Big Online understands the ins and outs of online advertising, and we’re here to help you to grow your business to its full potential. Our experienced team of marketers treat every business unique, and we will create a plan to help you reach the customers you need to. When you hire us, you know that you’re getting the best deal possible, and from a local Sydney firm as well.

Don’t let another day slip by! if you have a product or service and you’re not reaching as many customers as you’d like, contact us today. We’re standing by, and ready to help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today, or fill out the form below to learn more about our digital marketing services.