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Reducing Friction for an Effective Lead Generation Process

Reducing friction for an effective lead generation process image by Think Big OnlineAre you having trouble with lead generation for your online business? Now if you’ve been in the internet marketing business for quite some time, you would know all too well that generating leads from site visitors is no simple feat. There are various “blockers” that can discourage, prevent or distract prospective leads from completing your online forms. Online marketing professionals should strive to create a lead generation process with as little “friction” as possible and there are certainly a couple of things that you can look into to do just that.

Tips for a frictionless lead generation process


Lead generation capture forms – keep it short

Do you suspect that your low lead generation rates have something to with that 10 page form you have on your business site? Well we certainly do – a very long lead capture form is the fastest way to discourage and scare prospective leads away.

More importantly, this makes them wonder if its really worth their time and you really don’t need to know your lead’s favorite flyer number do you? Limit your questions and keep it as short as possible giving you only the information you require to properly qualify and get in touch with your prospective leads.

Come up with targeted landing pages

Online marketing professionals need to create targeted landing pages if they hope effectively create leads for their business. A targeted landing page is one that is more in tune with a prospect’s needs greatly improving your chances of enticing and converting them into actual buyers.

Let’s say you’ve promoted your landing  page to a particular group of prospects that you’ve determined to be having quite an interest on a particular subject or having a particular need. It would be best to take the time to come up with a landing page that speaks about such subjects or addresses that specific need.

Eliminate navigation buttons on your landing pages

Why would you even think about doing such a thing? Well think about it for a moment – if your prospective leads come across your landing page, isn’t it a good idea to do everything you can to encourage them to stay there?

The top, side and bottom navigation buttons can compel visitors of your landing page to leave and check out other pages of your website. You can of course bring those navigations back after they converted into qualified leads and bring them into a “thank you” page with a CTA (Call to action) just to further encourage them to engage your business.

Stick to only one CTA on your landing page

Some web marketing professionals choose to have multiple CTAs on their landing pages thinking that it will help them get more prospective leads by showing people a lot of offers. However having multiple CTAs on your landing page is a sure way of confusing and distracting your prospective leads.

Stick to only one Call to action on your landing page and avoid showcasing any other offers you may have on our business site. Keep the eyes of your prospective leads focused on your offer and they are likely to convert rather than go somewhere else.

Putting the forms for your landing page above the fold

This is one of the simplest things that you can do to maximise lead generation. Putting the lead capture form above the fold means that prospective leads won’t have to scroll down just to see it. This ensures that your lead-capture form is easily accessible and highly visible which is sure to benefit your efforts in generating leads. Concealing your lead-capture form is another way of creating friction in your lead generation process.

Eliminate any guesswork in your offers

Many internet marketing professionals tend to be vague in their CTAs or offers. You need to tell your prospective leads exactly what they need to avail of your offers. Integrate a definitive course of action on your landing page. Any guesswork here is bound to discourage a lot of prospective leads.

Keep it simple

Keep your lead generation process as simple as possible. It’s better to dumb it down rather than make your prospective leads go through all sort of things just to avail of your offers. Look at your lead-capture form and landing page from an average user’s perspective. If you think that getting to your landing page or filling out your lead-capture form isn’t as simple as it should be there’s a good chance that many of your prospective leads will think the same way.