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‘Scare’ tactics, the new sexy?

Are you bored of simply demonstrating your new product in store on a dusty shelf? Well why do that when you can instead scare the living day lights out of your customer forever leaving a memory of trauma.
Look no further and follow in the steps of the company LG who recently released their new plasma television, claiming it to be so life like with clarity and colour you cannot tell the difference. Using the tactic, “dramatic demonstration” LG placed nine flat screened plasmas into an elevator where the clip shows unsuspecting passengers watch as the floor “appears” to crumble beneath them. This seems appropriate as the tag line follows stating the image is “so real, its scary

This tactic is not the first of its kind, firstly being attempted by Elisha Graves Otis who installed the rope-break safety device called the safety break nearly 170 years ago in 1853. Otis demonstrated the safety break boarding his own creation and cutting the hemp rope himself. Tension grew among the crowd as the rope snapped, the brakes worked flawlessly and the spectators stared in awe into the transparent elevator outside Crystal Palace where an unharmed Otis remained.

This demonstration made a dramatic presentation and established a legend within the industry to this day, LG hopefully with their demonstration will too make an lasting impact with their new product proving scary is the new sexy in selling.