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“Sam entered the burgeoning digital marketing industry, after graduating as an engineer. He has mentored countless business enterprises and his global network is expansive.”

Blake Smith

Digital Marketing Consultant

Blake is a dual graduate of Science and Marketing. His ability to simultaneously slam dunk a basketball while he delivers ethical ninja SEO hacks is unparalleled.

Dino Bernardo

Facebook Advertising Specialist

Dino holds a Commerce Masters from UNSW. His skills in Facebook Ads have attracted a legion of Likes and he also delivers marketing automation and other digital marketing solutions to E-Web clients.

Hasnain Hararwala

Digital Marketing Consultant

Hasnain holds a Masters in Commerce and his undergraduate studies in Hospitality underpin his commitment to customer service excellence.

Erin Yu

Finance Manager

Erin is a Commerce graduate from UTS. Her unenviable task is keeping the credit column on the bank statement bigger than the debit. She ensures that staff follow due process and considers ridding E-Web of the Salesforce curse as her finest achievement.

Ross Kenny

Paid Search Specialist

Ross has more than 10 years of experience in Google AdWords account management and there was a collective sigh of relief when he joined E-Web: the average age rose incrementally.

Peter Ngo

SEO Specialist

Peter is our resident Vietnamese SEO guru. Peter has a wealth of experience and background in digital marketing including working as a Fiverr agent for a time. Peter’s passion for digital marketing shines through his daily work.

Nauman Hashmi

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nauman has an MBA in Marketing & Finance. Having experience in Banking & Insurance, he finally found a home in Digital Marketing. And now aims and learning and growing at everything Digital day by day.

Melissa Lahoud

Head of Content

Melissa holds a Master’s in Journalism and her content creation has been delivered on radio, digital, and print media. Her quality content is integral to our client’s success.

Jisan Polara

Senior Full Stake Developer

Jisan holds a Master of Science in Information Technology and he is our local developer guru. He makes magic happen in the code of web and software applications while everyone watches in amazement.

Liana Miate

Digital Admin

Liana helps keep everything together at E-Web, working on a number of administrative tasks behind the scenes to deliver our services smoothly.

Laz Kenny

Project Coordinator

Laz helps keep everything together at E-Web, working on a number of administrative tasks behind the scenes so that our services are delivered smoothly.