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Video Marketing- How its Content is Shaping Power and Reach

Video marketing – changing for the better

Video marketing power and reach image by Think Big OnlineIf you’re going to ask experts in the video marketing business for advice on creating video content for your web marketing campaign, they’ll often tell you one thing – keep it short. This is because most people are believed to have fairly short attentions spans which mean that when you are marketing with videos, you’ll have to get your marketing message across as quickly as possible. But what if all that talk about short attention spans is just a myth although many would certainly disagree – various studies show that abandonment rates in video online marketing can be very high (as much as 33 percent in the first 30 seconds and another 44 percent after a minute. Thus one can easily conclude that it’s a good idea to keep the duration of their videos below one minute although it certainly doesn’t have to be the case.

We can see some quality videos online that are making a scene on video sharing websites like Youtube. These videos are very effective in captivating the attention of viewers for more than one minute. This is primarily because of the quality of the content which can be either entertaining or informative instead of being purely promotional and downright boring. You’ll often find these videos to be the content itself and are concerned with something bigger than the service or product concerned making its viewers care and makes you wonder if people really do have short attention spans.

Check out one such video below called “Push the Red Button” by TNT for their video marketing campaign

The video above was produced by TNT for its channel launch in Belgium. The business hired an agency that approached video marketing in a reality TV kind of ad set in a little town where as you can see, they installed several concealed cameras covering a small red button with a sign that entices people to push it. Eventually, the button gets pressed and a bunch of actors appear performing a series of dramatic stunts and ends with a call-to-action presenting TNT as the people’s “Daily Dose of Drama”.

The video above has amassed well over 33 million views on Youtube alone making it one of the most successful video ads around when it comes to web marketing. Everything came together perfectly and brilliantly entertained viewers instead of simply promoting their services. The trend here is obvious and something that everyone in the business of marketing with videos should think about – it’s better to create videos that features compelling content aimed at capturing the interest of viewers through storytelling rather than churning out video ads that focus solely on marketing a product or service which are guaranteed to drain your viewers attention and interest. Successful videos like the one shown above is proof that people don’t have short attention spans at all and are willing to spend minutes watching a video that entertains or informs them so long as manages to keep their interest at its peak!