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10 SEO Copywriting Tips for High Ranking Websites (Infographic)

SEO Copywriting plays an important part in ranking websites on search engines but is also a content marketing challenge for many business owners.

Website content should be powerful enough to educate, entertain and engage the reader so they spend more time on the website. It takes a skilled copywriter to craft copy which strikes a fine balance between writing to persuade readers as well as writing to play by the rules of search engines.

It’s one of the important aspects we look for when conducting copywriting audits for business owners.

Search engines rank websites based on several factors and it’s important to tick the right boxes for SEO copywriting when optimising a website to secure a prime position on Google and other search engines.

Writing content with important keywords in mind is important to help search engines evaluate your content for ranking purposes. At the same time, quality content which engages readers and compels them to take some form of action; whether it is to opt-in for a free report, sign-up for a trial or book an appointment is the key to moving the relationship closer to a sale.

SEO copywriting isn’t about filling up the page with product or service related benefits. Instead, find out what information website visitors are looking for and create your content around their fears, frustrations and desires. In doing so, present your product as the solution to overcoming challenges or meeting their needs.

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Here is an infographic which presents 10 SEO Copywriting Tips to help you achieve high rankings for your website.

Use this as a checklist if you’re writing content for a new website or are looking to edit copy on an existing website with a view to improving search engine rankings.

Infographic Courtesy: SEO Expert