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16 SEO Frequently Asked Questions: Interesting SEO Facts You Need to Know (Infographic)

What comes first to your mind if hear the word SEO? Try to search online and you will see a bunch of information, facts and myths about SEO. Upon opening one link to another, you’ll end up confused and here is why.

There are lots of SEO rules that change from time to time and it’s very confusing. With the high volume of searches about “SEO”, it’s only a hint that there are still millions of people who thrive to know what SEO really is.

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With the constant Google algorithm update and changing of rules, it would be difficult to keep up with the developments and the best SEO strategy for your website. Unless you sign up for an online SEO Webinar, attend Google knowledge share programs and read SEO books online and start applying it to your website.

To help you understand more about SEO, Here are 16 interesting SEO facts you might need to know. Check out the 16 SEO FAQs infographic below:

Infographics by SEOjury.