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Survival Guide to Creating Effective Facebook Strategy

Facebook Ad is one of the top major tools in terms of pay per click advertising. There are many tips online on how to use it effectively and make money using your Facebook ad promotions. They say that it is still the power of word of mouth even in the digital world. But businesses should always consider having a detailed target audience so that upon creation of Facebook ads, the message is clear to the market.

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All 17 survival tips are very great to consider but we will highlight the most remarkable one and should be applied to gain social engagements.

Completely Fill out Your Profile Info

Define your business by your mission, vision and what you actually offer. Customers would want to know exactly the products or services you are offering and what kind of business you are in.

Don’t Ignore Facebook Insights

If Google has analytics that provides a more detailed information about your audience, Facebook insights also give a report of ever page visits that the page has. Insights will help you determine which gender, the range of age and location you should focus.

Focus on Engagements, not Likes

Yes, we are very glad in getting likes, however, like are not the basis to say that your ad is working effectively, engagement does. Having engagements in your post is a result that you are targeting the right audience.

Moderate Spam and Negative Comments

Not all bad reviews or comments are true. Sometimes, it is a form of spam due to having several competitors in the industry. A great tip would be to manage your posts comments.

Always Ask, Does this Post Help my Fans

You can determine the effectiveness of your ad by reach and engagements. If your promotions don’t gain any insights then it’s time to change or modify your ads.

Always Stay up to date on Facebook Updates

Number one rule if you choose social media marketing, make sure you stay up to date with the latest creatives or rules released by Facebook. It is a must so that you can keep track the changes happened.

Be Visual

Being creative in terms of ad banners will help your promotion attract more audience. It is not enough to just post your thoughts or explain your products in detailed information. Post the best description of your post and create engaging creative banners.

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