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The Essential Guide to Copywriting for a High-Converting Landing Page (Infographic)

The task of high-converting landing page copywriting appears to be much easier than writing copy for a complete website as there are no style guides to follow or a string of keywords to be included.

All that’s required is to write just one page of copy with the goal of getting visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for actionable content they can profit from.

The reality is that a lot goes into designing a high-converting landing page than what you might think. Getting visitors to take the specific action you desire is easier if you follow guidelines which have been used to create the most successful landing pages.

Before writing copy for your landing page ensure you have a clear idea of the desired outcome. Only then will you be able to create a high-converting landing page with a singular focus.

Lack of a singular purpose or a singular call-to-action when creating landing pages is one of the common mistakes we find when conducting copywriting audits for business owners.

The intention of creating landing pages is generally to acquire a lead by persuading visitors to download a pdf, video or audio file. Nowadays, landing pages are also being used to offer free trials of software or other digital products and also for booking appointments.

Every element of copy should contribute to this singular purpose, without any distractions whatsoever.

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The following infographic highlights the essential copy elements used by professionals in creating high-converting land page copy. The more you can use these on your landing pages, the better you can expect your conversion rates to be.

Infographic: The Landing Page Course