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Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Creating Facebook Ads Image

Creating ad banner for your campaigns in Facebook Ads is the part that will take most of your time. You will think of creative idea of image that will catch the attention of your target audience. Some advertisers do not have enough knowledge of do’s and don’t’s in terms of getting images. Some would just go to Google images and download the picture and edit it afterward. Actually, there are tips for creating Facebook Ads images like a pro.

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Avoid using images with copyright issues


As much as possible, avoid using images coming from Google. There free stock images available online. If you want high-quality stock images, you can take advantage of premium plans. Another best way is to take your own photo.

Use Image Text Check on Facebook


Using the Text Overlay Tool will rate your ads based on the amount of text and determine if it will perform well. Your ads can be rated as Low, Medium or High.

Consistency and Relevancy


Make your image stand out from your competitors. Be consistent with what you post, meaning all posts in your Facebook page must be aligned on what you are offering. In terms of relevancy, make sure the image you use is related or exactly what your ad copies or text is promoting.

Other Image Best Practices

There are other image best practices that you should also take note to effectively create a banner for advertising on Facebook.

Choose your image based on your targeting.
Test different images in promoting your campaigns.
Use images that define the important context of your business.

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