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Facebook advertising trends for 2018

As Facebook randomly makes an update nowadays, some advertisers are hesitant on what actions to take to maintain their promotions in targeting the right audience. Some would look for free tutorials or guides to determine what new features arise during the random updates.

There are different trends that we can consider for Facebook advertising this 2018 that will help us enhance our creation of ads to get more sales.

Video ads

People might get tired of reading your blog-like post that contains all the details that you want to highlight. Video watching behavior has increase since last year. Most users would rather watch video than reading information. Just take note that, your should also create a stunning or well informed video that could catch the attention of viewers.

Facebook ad types

Remember to conduct split testing different ad formats available in Facebook advertising. This will help you determine the performing ad type for your business.

– Carousel Ads

– Slideshow Ads

– Collection Ads

– Canvas

– Link ads

– Lead Ads

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Paid advertising and organic reach

Some advertisers were asking on where to be more active, paid or organic? Well,the answer is both, be active on your organic community as well as investing on you paid promotion. Pages that are consistent in posting tend to gain more trust from target audience.

Investing your time and effort in Facebook advertising will help you business find leads. Make sure to implement strategies that you know your business will benefit.