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Enhance Your Ads with Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons

Whenever we are creating an ad for promotion, we would like to make sure that it will be easy for our target audience to go to our landing page. Thanks to Facebook call-to-action buttons, it is much easier to determine if the purpose of the ad is for shopping or educational learning.

If you have a website or app, it will always be a must to include the right CTAs in your posts. In this article, we will show you the results of Facebook CTAs by popularity and performance released by Adroll.


As we can see, in terms of popularity, Shop Now is the most widely used maybe because of many eCommerce websites and Facebook shop established for the past years. In terms of performance, Learn More performs the best among others, websites who promote more details of their products or services used Learn More so that audience would click if they find it interesting to read.

We can also take note of the CTAs applicable to use in different industries.

Shop Now

– Apparel

– Consumer electronics

– Home

– Crafts and Hobbies

Learn More

– Education

– Finance

– Healthcare

Book Now

– Travel

– Real Estate

Sign Up

– Technology

– Media and Entertainment


– Technology

– Games

– Social Apps

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