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A Good Look at Creating Social Media Marketing Updates on Twitter

Twitter as an effective Social Media Marketing Platform

Twitter is one of today’s most effective platforms for promoting and advertising one’s products or services through social networking. It enables people in the internet marketing business to engage and reach out to customers effectively but only if it is used effectively. Unfortunately many people in the social media marketing consulting business haven’t got a clue when it comes to the effective use of Twitter social media marketing updates.

 Tips for creating a good and effective Twitter social media marketing update

There are a couple of things that people can do to make good use of Twitter as a social marketing platform. As you may already know, one of the significant challenges facing people in the internet marketing business is the fact that the characters available for creating a Twitter update is severely limited at only 140 characters – that’s a heck of a lot shorter than a text message. Thus people depending on it as an effective social networking platform need to know how to make the best out of their tweets. Here are a couple of tips that ought to help you do just that:

  • Make sure that you have a professional and good profile image. This image will be published every time you make a tweet using your business account and will show next to your social networking update so you have got to make it count.  It would be best to use a logo that best represents and identifies your company. Make sure that it is well formatted as a small thumb nail image.
  • Make sure that you put in a link that directs users to your site. Never forget one of the main reasons why you are on Twitter in the first place and that is to effectively create targeted traffic and leads. Put in website links to your tweets, landing pages, blogs and other internet marketing content. If you find that your links are too long, you can use URL shortening services such as bitly to shorten it giving you more room to make an interesting and engaging Twitter social media update.
  • Plan ahead for manual “retweets”. Retweeting your Twitter social media marketing updates is an excellent way to extend your reach to go beyond those that are directly under your network. Most people interact with tweets manually because it allows them to put in their own comments or feedbacks. You need to leave some room for these comments by keeping limiting your tweets to a maximum of 110 to 120 characters.
  • When doing Twitter social media marketing updates, you can occasionally reference industry leaders in your niche market with an “@mention”. Put this in at the middle or towards the end of your tweets and never at the beginning. You certainly don’t have to do this but referencing a credible and reputable source can draw in more attention to your Twitter social marketing updates.