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A Good Look at Facebook’s Call-to-Action for Apps

Getting Ready for Facebook’s Call-to-Action for Apps

Facebook Call to Action Apps image by Think Big OnlineIf you are familiar with ins and outs of lead generation then you would know all too well that calls-to-action is one crucial aspect of it. What if there was an effective way to combine it with your business presence on Facebook? That’s exactly what Facebook’s soon to be launched Call-to-action for apps, offers! Just what exactly is it though and how will it benefit your Facebook marketing and lead generation efforts?

Now according to various authority sites in social media like, Facebook is expected to enable Facebook marketers to improve their lead conversion process after they start introducing new approval functions in addition to the “Like” button. In order to benefit from this new functionality, it goes without saying that you will need a Facebook app and it’s not something that can be enabled easily.  The Facebook app developer will need to get themselves closely involved. If you are looking to implement this new feature to your online marketing strategy though, it’d be good to dive into the details of how to actually obtain it and how it would actually benefit you.

Details for Facebook’s Call-to-Action for Apps

Facebook developers estimate rolling out their Call-to-Action for apps sometime in January as they get ready for open graph approvals. However, that start date is fairly tentative as they’ve also stated that approvals will only begin after they’ve finished rolling out the new “Timeline” feature which is still an on-going process. It doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing your business to take advantage of this new feature though and you can ask your developers to begin call-to-action submissions (you can submit as many calls-to-action as you need which will need the network’s approval). Every submission must come with detailed instructions about how the functions are enabled which Facebook will clarify further on the website.

You don’t have to worry if your submissions are rejected for any reason because you’ll be given a detailed explanation regarding the reasons for the rejection and you can always introduce some changes and do resubmissions. Upon approval, you’ll be notified via email and Facebook notification and your app can begin publishing call-to-action for your fans and followers. The question remains though, what is its significance in your internet marketing or Facebook marketing efforts?

Simply put, the Call-to-action feature for Facebook apps presents an excellent opportunity to improve your efforts at lead generation as it makes your social media marketing efforts on the network a lot simpler to monetize. The feature enables businesses to engage prospects beyond the “Like” button and can be described as something that is more action oriented. With this new feature, users will be able to do more than just like or follow the pages of business owners and check out the products or services that you offer. These are actions that only good and qualified leads are likely to do enabling business owners to pick out more profitable leads and weed out the bad ones.