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Quality content – More important than you think in today’s highly competitive world of internet marketing

Quality Content and its significance in today’s Competitive World of Internet Marketing

Quality is king! You’ve probably heard a lot of people in the internet marketing business say it like it’s a motto or an old saying but many still fail to appreciate or simply doubt its significance thinking that the technical side of SEO or social media marketing is enough to achieve their goals.  If that sounds a lot like you then you ought to think otherwise or else your web marketing efforts are going to be buried alive. Here are a couple of reasons highlighting the significance of quality content and why its more important than ever especially this year 2012 wherein  the web marketing scene had and is expected to see a lot of changes.

Reasons why your business is sure to hit the curb without quality content in internet marketing

Facebook’s Timeline – demanding more quality content

By now you’ve probably heard of Facebook’s new feature called “Timeline” and with it come significant changes in internet marketing and social media marketing. Strategies like daily posts and updates are out the window as News Feeds only feature the latest updates. Same goes for spamming users with shallow and uninteresting messages or updates meant to merely grab attention as the network cracks hard on users found to be guilty of spamming their contacts. Quality content is the way to go if you are looking to succeed in your web marketing efforts with Facebook as it shows users that you are actually contributing something remarkable, useful or interesting in people’s eyes.

The brief shelf life of social media updates

Studies conducted by URL shortening services like Bitly indicates that average time it takes for a tweet to reach the end of its shelf life after reaching its peak is approximately 2.8 hours with Facebook updates  averaging slightly longer at 3.2 hours. It’s not to say that you just need to post a lot more to keep your brand or business to the top (your fans or followers will surely notice and be annoyed if you are sending the same updates over and over again) bit more importantly, you need to introduce quality and diverse content. Doing so will help you keep your fans or followers clicking, liking and sharing your content effectively increasing your business presence.

Google – cracking down on those who are merely farming content

Google’s efforts at targeting websites that spam junk and uninteresting content with low quality that is littered with ads practically guarantees that any business guilty of the latter are going to get kicked into the curb. What this tell us is that one cannot rely on SEO strategies and methodologies alone. You need to pair it with high quality and valuable content to be truly effective. Let’s say that the world of web marketing is place where you don’t want any junk content lying around.

More and more businesses are expected to jump in on the content bandwagon

Given the circumstances mentioned above, its easy to see why more and more businesses are predicted to step up their game and begin nailing the creation of quality content. As the world of online marketing, SEO and social media marketing becomes more adept at putting up and distributing such content, one can expect to have to put up with more clutter content making it difficult for business to stand out. The only way to do so would be to come up with content that is truly remarkable and outweighs the ones being featured by your competitors.

External production of content by niche authorities or industry experts

Ever heard of guest blogging? Well its exactly what it sounds like – you invite niche authorities or industry experts to generate content for your website which will add value and authority to your business. In the same way, one would also convey their willingness to do the same thing and contribute content for the blogs or websites of industry experts which will show the online marketing community that you are not only open to conveying your insights and ideas but this will also give your business a good inbound link. Needless to say, these are leverages that would be forever out of your reach if you fail to appreciate and implement the significance of quality content in internet marketing.