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Attention Seeking Facebook Status- Can they harm your career?

We’ve all done it at one point in our life. I know I have, in particular my high school years were filled with attention seeking facebook status’s (ASFS).

At the age of 16 I definitely wasn’t thinking about prospective employers surfing through my facebook page and reading through my status updates, thankfully I grew up and very smartly removed any such posts.


Unfortunately ASFS have become somewhat of a trend, particularly for women. That’s right I said women, not girls. It seems that my news feed is suddenly inundated with the moans and groans of these women I know and to tell you the truth I don’t care and I can bet no one else does either.


Employers have been quick to say that they will check out a prospective employees social media page before an interview. If an employer can see that you spent the past week whingeing about your current job it’s not going to put you in a favorable position.


Now once you’ve gotten the job, don’t think for one minuet you’re going to get to go back to your whinging ways, your employer can still keep tabs on you and what your saying through your Facebook, so be careful. Now there’s 3 steps you could take to minimize this risk

1-    Don’t add your boss to facebook

2-     Don’t add colleagues that you don’t know well to facebook

3-    Don’t whine about work or anything for that matter on facebook


Has this happened to someone you know?