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John Carlton Simple Writing System Review and Bonus – Copywriting

A Good look at the John Carlton Simple Writing System

John Carlton Simple Writing Sydtem review image by Think Big OnlineMany people in the online marketing business tend to think that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the only thing that they need to worry about when it comes to success which simply isn’t true. Content is just as important and this is where good sales writing comes in!

Sales writing is a skill and a mighty crucial one at that as it can be used to effectively build up any business and actually sell something. The John Carlton Simple Writing System is designed to serve as a step by step guide on learning the skill and techniques on becoming a prolific and effective sales writer and ultimately benefit one’s business. Is it really any good though? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look.

All about the John Carlton Simple Writing System

As its name may already suggest, the course was created by John Carlton – one of the most accomplished and reputable copywriters in the market today. Through the course, he aims to share his copywriting strategies and secrets with a series of DVD’s that one can review and follow in the comforts of their own home.

In the DVD series, John goes through all the elements that make his copywriting skills one of the best in the world of online businesses. The course also includes a 2 month mentorship program to make sure that users make the best out of the copywriting training and the principles behind it for maximizing sales and business growth.

Based on the principles taught by John Carlton, the underlying reason behind the failure of many internet marketers is poor sales copy. Even if you have a great product or service and a good amount of traffic flowing through your business site, without a good sales copy one is bound to drop the ball on where it matters most as one simply fails to convince their prospects on the merits of doing business with them.

John Carlton’s Simple Writing System aims to bridge this gap by presenting a 17 step strategy to produce the perfect sales copy and boost conversions. Upon finishing the entire course, users will then have access to a series of assignments that will test your understanding and overall proficiency as a copywriter with honest and no BS feedbacks straight from Carlton’s team – one thing that sets the course apart from other copywriting training programs.

John Carlton’s Simple Writing System includes:

  • Market Research
  • Creating an avatar of your absolute perfect client
  • Your Real USP
  • Master list of benefits and features
  • Bullets
  • Raving fans and testimonials
  • Hooks in your copy
  • Salesmanship mentality
  • Your story and vision
  • Sales Funnel
  • Sales message
  • The promise of your offers
  • Reversing buyer’s risk
  • Managing a Buyer’s “Turbulence”
  • Getting your customer to take action
  • Closing


There are other elements about the training program that make it invaluable to anyone looking to become an effective copywriter and maximize conversions – bypassing the competition, fitting in on one’s chosen market, getting prospects to promote your business for you and determining the unique aspects of your business and capitalizing on them.

Is it the right copywriting training program for you?

Implement the copywriting principles mentioned in the training program and one can expect to see a significant improvement in one’s conversion rates. John Carlton’s Simple Writing System is certainly a must-have for anyone looking for expert guidance and improved results in writing sales copies for any business.

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