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Nanacast Review and Bonus – Online Shopping Cart

All about Nanacast – is it the right shopping cart system for you?

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Looking for a powerful platform for your eCommerce site? If so then you might have already heard about Nanacast but is it really the right system for you? What does Nanacast have to offer and what sets it apart from other online cart systems in the market today? A lot of marketers use Nanacast or are switching over to it especially for managing membership sites and for good reason – let’s go ahead and take a closer look.

 A Good Look at Nanacast

Nanacast is essentially an online business automation platform created by Josh Anderson – eCommerce marketing expert and CEO of Unlike most other eCommerce platforms, setting up Nanacast is a fairly simple process and helps marketers with practically everything from payment processing and communication to around the clock product delivery.

Check out the video below for a full discussion on what Nanacast has to offer as presented by Josh Anderson himself in a video interview with Internet marketing guru – James Schramko

Features to love about Nanacast

  • Completely automated sales funnel
  • Membership website management system – clients, subscribers and affiliates
  • Content storage and delivery
  • Integration with email auto responder and CRM platforms
  • User friendly API and seamless integration
  • Coupons
  • Print and ship on demand


Get started in minutes with Nanacast’s Membership Wizard

As you can see there is certainly a lot to love about Nanacast from their step by step new membership wizard all the way to their product, affiliate and design wizard. Nanacast supports WYSIWYG and HTML editing and tons of options to shape your webpage exactly the way you want it to.

Support for various memberships

Users can come up with different membership plans to suit the needs and finances of different clients or subscribers.  A popular strategy among users of Nanacast is to provide trial memberships in exchange for email information for effective list building. It’s particularly useful for email marketing and promoting your product or service even further.

Web hosting for your sales page

Not so sure about putting up your own website just yet? You can have Nanacast host your sales page for the time being at least until you manage to get your own site hosted. Nanacast works seamlessly various platforms like WordPress, OptimizePress and LeadPages.

Secure Affiliate Tracking

Effectively manage your affiliate programs and prevent scams that can be caused by a handful users trying to manipulate your system to their advantage – stealing affiliate links and commissions, purchasing through their own affiliate links.  Nanacast logs every purchase through cookies and IP address information to ensure that affiliates get the commissions that they are entitled to.

Payment Gateway integration

Nanacast works with most payment processing systems available in the market today which includes Paypal and E-way. To begin accepting payments via Paypal all you have to do is specify your Paypal address.

The Verdict

Nanacast is ideal for anyone looking for a complete all in one solution to eCommerce that only comes short of an auto responder which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Taking in too much of a good thing can be a recipe for disaster and auto responders are better off being handled by a focused and more dedicated system – Nanacast knows this all too well.

 Are you interested in Nanacast? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at