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Smash It Social Review and Bonus – Facebook Reviews App

A good look at “Smash It Social” Facebook fan review app

Are you struggling to produce any good results in social marketing? Want to make the most out of your social media marketing campaigns? Well you might have heard of a popular fan review facebook app called “Smash It Social”? Is it really any good though and how can it actually benefit your business?

As a social media app, Smash It Social was created for the purpose of helping web marketers and online businesses of any scale or type to benefit from the power of social media – the most powerful marketing resource on the web and perhaps the best way of getting more referrals and leads with minimal cost, effort and time.

Smash It Social – how does it work?

Smash It Social essentially works by facilitating and automating the referrals and review process which are at the very core of any effective social media marketing strategy. Simply put, SIS’s Fan review app automatically asks and generates testimonials from people under your network of influence in order to create more posts, likes, shares and more importantly – bring in new business on Facebook.

Now perhaps the best thing about SIS is that enables social media marketers to accomplish their marketing goals all the while coming up with fresh content for your social media pages and get your business in front of prospects.

Check out Smash It Social’s Facebook Reviews App:

In addition the Facebook App, SIS also offers a unique and effective training and coaching program for effective social media tracking designed to enable social media marketers keep their fingers on the trigger and keep pace with the latest developments in the social media marketing landscape as well as keep track of results. All that for as low $27 per month for a basic subscription – most marketers spends a lot more on coffee in a month!

Smash It Social Price Plans:

Are you interested in Smash It Social? Purchase SIS through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at