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2 Key Elements Of Website Conversion

Unfortunately most businesses deal with conversion optimization in the wrong way, the focus on the small 1 percent increase elements rather than the larger elements.  When it comes to optimizing a website for conversion there really are 2 core elements which a business should focus on:

Element #1: Price

In my experience the element with the biggest effect on conversion is price, so this should be the first element that you test.  Now don’t immediately think that a cheaper price will get a better conversion, in some cases I’ve found pricing a product too cheaply actually detracts from conversion.

Test different price points as well as different pricing strategies.  If possible offer a paid trial of your product or service, something like a $7 ten day trial, that way you can lower the barrier to entry and gain the new customer.

When doing the test ensure that you get enough data to make a decision, for example if you’re testing on a payment plan make sure you also track how many people complete the payment plan.

Often you’ll get higher conversions on a payment plan but lost out in net revenue as the customer fails to complete their payment plan.  Remember conversion should be tracked all the way through your offer not just at the point of sale.

Element #2: Offer

This is the second biggest element that effects conversion if you’re offer is not compelling and competitive then people just wont take action and buy.  Ensure you take the time to present the exact benefits of your offer and compel your audience to take action quickly.

If you’re offer isn’t compelling enough for your audience they will immediately move on and purchase from someone who has a better offer.

Ensure that you focus on these 2 core elements before you look at things like:

–       Headline

–       Page Layout

–       Page Colors

–       Call To Action Colors

–       Sales Copy 

While these elements are important and can increase conversion they will not have the same kind of effect as offer and price tests.   Leave a comment below and let us know what kind of offer and price tests you’ve done before.